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In the News
Dean Forms Political Group: Effort Will Recruit Candidates to Fight 'Right-Wing Ideologues' (Post, March 19, 2004)

Divide and Bicker: The Dean Campaign's Hip, High-Tech Image Hid a Nasty Civil War (Post, Feb. 29, 2004)

As Dean and the Media Pull Out, A Small-Town State Mourns a Dream (Post, Feb. 21, 2004)

Dean Leaves Legacy of Online Campaign: Use of Internet to Raise Funds, Organize Rallies May Be Common in Future (Post, Feb. 20, 2004)

Dean Bows Out, With an Asterisk: Democrat Still Seeks Supporters' Votes (Post, Feb. 19, 2004)

Insiders Who Are On the Outs: Dean's Young Backers Had Nothing To Lose; His Washington Defectors Did (Post, Feb. 19, 2004)

Text: Dean Announces End to Presidential Bid (E-Media, Feb. 18, 2004; 2:46 PM)

Dean Ends Campaign for Presidency: Former Vt. Governor to Continue Political Advocacy (Post, Feb. 18, 2004; 4:11 PM)

Once Leading Man, Dean Searches for a New Role: Place of Candidate and Supporters in Party Is Unclear (Post, Feb. 18, 2004)

Judge: Dean Can't Seal Papers (Post, Feb. 18, 2004)

Dean's Freewheeling Approach Is Double-Edged (Post, Feb. 16, 2004)

'I'm Not Going to Quit' After Wis., Dean Says: Lagging Candidate Adjusts Original Tactic of Making the State His Final Stand Feb. 17 (Post, Feb. 10, 2004)

Dean's Web Site Offers Voters a Choice of Ads (Post, Feb. 9, 2004)

Bid Is as Audacious Now as in Fall 2002: After Rise From Obscurity and Loss of Lead, Dean Gears Up for Last Stand in Wisconsin (Post, Feb. 7, 2004)

Dean Appeals For Money: Kerry Set to Receive Gephardt's Nod; Edwards and Clark Fight for Position (Post, Feb. 6, 2004)

Dean's Team, Sleepless In Seattle (Post, Feb. 6, 2004)

Dean Message to Supporters (washingtonpost.com, Feb. 5, 2004; 12:46 PM)

Dean Declares Wisconsin a Must Win: Statement Is First Acknowledgement That Failure in a State Would End Campaign (Post, Feb. 5, 2004; 12:53 PM)

Dean Gears Up For a Last Stand In Wisconsin (Post, Feb. 5, 2004)

Focus Shifts to Contest In Washington State (Post, Feb. 4, 2004)

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