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Dean Quits Presidential Bid, With an Asterisk
Howard Dean suspended his bold and innovative bid for the White House but signaled his intent to retain influence in the Democratic Party by urging voters to keep backing him in the remaining primaries and caucuses.
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Former Vermont governor Howard Dean
(Ray Lustig - The Washington Post File)
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 Defining Issues: Dean's Care For All, Built Part by Part

___ Howard Dean Bio ___
Hometown: Burlington, Vt.
Born: November 17, 1948 in East Hampton, N.Y.
Religion: Congregationalist
Family: Wife, Judy Steinberg; two children
Education: Yale U., B.A. 1971; Albert Einstein College of Medicine, M.D. 1978 Career: Governor; physician
Political Highlights: Vt. House, 1983-87 (assistant minority leader, 1985-86); lieutenant governor, 1987-91; governor, 1991-2002
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In the News
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