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The Kerry Record: Using Force
Help of Allies Among Three Key Themes
In Senate debates and media interviews over the years, John F. Kerry has repeatedly returned to three axioms on the use of military force.
- By Helen Dewar and Thomas E. Ricks

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___ John Kerry Bio ___
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Born: December 11, 1943 in Denver, Colo.
Religion: Roman Catholic
Family: Married, Teresa Heinz; two children, three stepchildren
Education: Yale U., B.A. 1966; Boston College, J.D. 1976
Career: Lawyer; County prosecutor
Political Highlights: Lieutenant governor, 1983-85; U.S. Senate, 1985-present
John Kerry's Web Site



Video: Kerry's Speech
John Kerry told delegates "America can do better" by electing him and John Edwards.

Speech: Text | Video Highlights
Video: Kerry Biopic With Analysis
Text, Video From the Convention
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___ Convention Diary ___

Multimedia Scrapbook
Post editor Robert G. Kaiser and photographer Lucian Perkins explored Boston.
Full Convention Coverage

___ Kerry and Edwards ___

Excerpt From Interview With the Candidates
Kerry Picks Running Mate
Kerry, Edwards Revel in Campaign Brotherhood

___ Audio ___
John Kerry discussed foreign policy with Washington Post reporters Glenn Kessler and Robin Wright on May 28.

Complete Interview With John Kerry

Audio Excerpts by Topic:
John Kerry on Mideast Democracy
John Kerry on U.S.-Saudi Relations
John Kerry on Iran

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