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In the News
Lieberman, Leaving In Tact: A Graceful Loser Shows That He's a Winner, Too (Post, Feb. 8, 2004)

Connecticut Senator Quits Race After Weak Second in 'First State' (Post, Feb. 4, 2004)

A Little State That Holds a Lot of Hope (Post, Feb. 3, 2004)

Lieberman Goes Far Afield for Approval (Post, Feb. 1, 2004)

Hopes Don't Pan Out, But Optimism Remains (Post, Jan. 28, 2004)

Lieberman Draws Parallel With JFK in Ads (Post, Jan. 25, 2004)

Lieberman Proposals Target 'Working Poor': Aim Is to Reduce Poverty Rate (Post, Jan. 19, 2004)

Lieberman Campaign Takes Page From Clinton's Success (Post, Jan. 16, 2004)

Lieberman on Dean's 'Anger' (Post, Jan. 6, 2004)

Lieberman Makes N.H. Home for Now: Senator Highlights Experience to Gain Support Before Jan. 27 Primary (Post, Jan. 2, 2004)

Lieberman: Dean Will 'Melt' Under GOP Attacks: Rival Says It Was 'Outrageous' for Front-Runner to Suggest Party Shield Him (Post, Dec. 30, 2003)

Lieberman, Kerry Insist They Can Beat Bush and Dean Can't (Post, Dec. 29, 2003)

Lieberman Defends Abortion Remarks: Roe Stance Misreported, Senator Says (Post, Dec. 27, 2003)

Lieberman Lashes Out at Dean: Senator Says Endorsement Runs Counter to Gore's Views (Post, Dec. 10, 2003)

No Warning You're About To Be Gored (Post, Dec. 10, 2003)

Lieberman Statements on Violence and Indecency in the Media (Post, Dec. 8, 2003; 7:56 AM)

Lieberman Versus Hollywood (Post, Dec. 8, 2003)

Lieberman Takes Pitch to N.H.: Candidate Hopes State Will Give Him Early Momentum (Post, Dec. 5, 2003)

The Votes Come Sweepin' Down the Plain? (Post, Nov. 12, 2003)

When the Candidate Comes Sweepin' Down the Plain: Lieberman Sings to Kick Off Campaign in Oklahoma (Post, Nov. 11, 2003; 1:20 PM)

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