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Former president Bill Clinton was interviewed at his home in Chappaqua, N.Y. by Dan Rather in an interview for CBS's (David M. Russell - CBS via AP)
Clinton Urges Effort to Address Energy
Former president Bill Clinton chided supporters to stop "bellyaching and whining" about the political obstacles and begin a new effort to address the intertwined problems of energy dependence and global warming.

Library Sparks Talk of Clintons' Past, Future
As hundreds of influential Democrats descend on Little Rock for the opening of the former president's presidential library, it is not just Clinton's presidential past, but his party's -- and his wife's -- presidential future that will be driving conversation.

Clinton and His Faithful, Forever on the Same Page
Nearly 2,000 book buyers lined up outside the Barnes & Noble store in Rockefeller Center for a chance to meet the author of "My Life."

In the News
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White House, GAO Debate Vandalism: Report: 2001 Damage Was Possibly Typical (Post, June 12, 2002)

Panel: Clintons Took $362,000 in Gifts: Some White House Items Were Undervalued, House Investigators Maintain (Post, Feb. 13, 2002)

Clinton Meets With Aides To Ponder Future Role (Post, Dec. 22, 2001)

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