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Supreme Court
The 1999-2000 Term
Supreme Court
Live Online:
Holding Court

Monthly Column:
Full Court Press

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In the 1999-2000 term, the Supreme Court heard cases involving subjects as diverse as campaign finance, FDA regulation of tobacco, redistricting and the Voting Rights Act and the First Amendment, among others. Looking back, key stories and summaries of the major cases of the 1998-99 term are available.

Below is The Post's coverage of the nation's highest court.

From The Post:

July 2000
An Activist Court Mixes Its High-Profile Messages (July 2)

June 2000
Court Nixes Partial Abortion Ban (June 29)
31 States Affected by Abortion Ruling (June 29)
Court Says Boy Scouts Can Expel Gay Leader (June 29)
A Win for Parochial Schools (June 29)
High Court Upholds Miranda Rights, 7-2 (June 27)
Justices Reject 'Blanket' Format for Primaries (June 27)
A Court Ruling's Clear Message (June 27)
Hate Crime Sentencing Standard Tightened (June 27)
School Prayer Is Dealt a Blow (June 20)
Ruling May Leave 'Moment of Silence' Laws Vulnerable (June 20)
In Burma Case, Justices Limit States on Sanctions (June 20)
High Court Hands HMOs a Victory (June 13)
Court Lowers Bar For Job Bias Suits (June 13)
Court Strikes Down Grandparents Visitation Law (June 6)
Hubbell's Tax Conviction Is Thrown Out (June 5)

May 2000
Restraints on TV Sex Struck Down (May 23)
High Court to Review EPA Power on Rules (May 23)
'No Winners' in Rape Lawsuit (May 20)
Justices Reject Lawsuits for Rape (May 16)
High Court Allows Forced Comp Time (May 2)

April 2000
Ex-Scout's Day in Court (April 27)
Abortion Argued at High Court (April 26)
'Blanket' Primaries' Effect on Parties Reviewed (April 25)
A Divided High Court to Revisit Abortion (April 23)
Court Limits Federal Reviews In Capital Cases (April 19)
High Court Limits Police Luggage Searches (April 18)
Court to Review State Rights On Term Limits, ADA Suits (April 18)
Court Urged To Repeal 'Miranda' (April 9)
Administration Left Out Of Abortion Rights Case (April 4)
High Court Will Consider Limits of Legal Aid to Poor (April 4)

March 2000
Court Affirms Ban on Nude Dancing (March 30)
Tex. School Prayer Policy Is Scrutinized (March 30)
Supreme Court Curbs Use of Tips in Searches (March 29)
Challenge to Welfare Reform Act Rejected (March 28)
Texas Prayer Case Seen as Kickoff to Bigger Issue for Court (March 27)
Justices Uphold Campus Fees (March 23)
FDA Can't Regulate Tobacco, Supreme Court Rules 5 to 4 (March 22)
Bar on Race-Based Enrollment Stands (March 21)
Two Justices Defend Lack of Minority Clerks (March 16)
Judges to Release Financial Data (March 15)
Embattled Court Nominees Are Confirmed (March 10)
High Court Overturns State Law on Oil Tankers (March 7)
Trove of Judicial Mementos Available Online (March 6)
Long in Limbo, Judge Finally Will Get a Ruling (March 6)
Stories, Secrets From a 'Lucky' Justice (March 3)
2 Appeals Involving Disabilities Act Voided (March 2)
Police Search Powers Argued at High Court (March 1)

February 2000
'Crack Babies' and Rights (Feb. 29)
Rulings Due on Police Searches (Feb. 26)
Hawaiian Voting Limit Rejected (Feb. 24)
High Court Examines HMO Policy (Feb. 24)
High Court to Hear Case on Drug Roadblocks (Feb. 23)
Death Row Inmates Caught in Procedural Trap (Feb. 23)
Court Weighs Doctor's Bonus vs. Patient's Care (Feb. 17)
Lott Overrides 'Holds' (Feb. 11)
Justices in Conference: A Tradition Wanes (Feb. 7)

January 2000
For Once, There Was No Justice (Jan. 28)
Limits on Campaign Gifts Are Upheld (Jan. 25)
Court Limits U.S. Intervention in Racial Redistricting (Jan. 25)
Court to Rule in ADA Case (Jan. 22)
Justices Reject Church-State Case (Jan. 19)
Court Takes Cases On Abortion, Gays (Jan. 15)
Justice Ginsburg Having 'Precautionary' Chemotherapy (Jan. 15)
Court Bars States From Giving Driver Data (Jan. 13)
Court Tackles Child Visitation Case (Jan. 13)
Police May Stop, Frisk Those Who Flee at Sight of Officer (Jan. 13)
Court Curbs Suits by State Workers (Jan. 12)
Sex-Assault Law Under Scrutiny (Jan. 12)
High Court Rejects Union Suits Against Tobacco Firms (Jan. 11)
States' Role at Issue in Rape Suit (Jan. 10)
The Rehnquist Court: Justices Want to Be Known As Jurists, Not Activists (Jan. 9)
Challenging Legal Notion of 'Family' (Jan. 9)
Rehnquist Seeks Raise for Court-Appointed Lawyers (Jan. 1)

December 1999
Court Rejects Case on School Subsidy Curb (Dec. 14)
Ban on Commercial Use of Police Records Upheld (Dec. 8)
Federal Supremacy Argued at Court (Dec. 8)
High Court to Reconsider Miranda Ruling (Dec. 7)
Jury Rules in Death Penalty Case Weighed (Dec. 7)
Brief Against Microsoft Filed (Dec. 7)
Case of Extradition Letter Dismissed (Dec. 4)
Court Hears Debate in FDA-Tobacco Case (Dec. 2)
Parochial School Aid Faces Test (Dec. 2)
Justices Hear Arguments on Cable Smut Restrictions (Dec. 1)
Justice Halts Enforcement of States' Late-Term Abortion Bans (Dec. 1)

November 1999
High Court to Consider Ethical Trade Law (Nov. 30)
Justices Ask: Can Citizens Sue for U.S.? (Nov. 30)
Tobacco Showdown is Set (Nov. 28)
Court Spurns Appeal in Gay Parents' Dispute (Nov. 16)
High Court Hears Privacy Issue (Nov. 11)
High Court Hears Debate On Student Activity Fees (Nov. 10)
Court Rejects Cases on Execution Delays (Nov. 9)
Court to Review Student's Objection to Activity Fees (Nov. 7)
For Gays, Tolerance Translates to Rights (Nov. 5)
Court Debates Whether Flight is Probable Cause (Nov. 3)
Reno Asks High Court to Reaffirm Miranda Rule (Nov. 2)
Sparring With the Supreme Court Nine (Nov. 1)

October 1999
Bans on Late-Term Abortion Upheld (Oct. 27)
Court To Review Electrocutions (Oct. 27)
Court Cites Need for Warrant at Murder Site (Oct. 19)
State Age-Bias Liability at Issue Before Justices (Oct. 14)
Maine School Voucher Law Stands (Oct. 13)
Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Race, Voting Rights Cases (Oct. 7)
Deepening Rift Over Judge Vote (Oct. 7)
Chart: Judicial Nominees Waiting for a Seat (Oct. 7)
Court Looks at Campaign Donation Limits (Oct. 6)
Senate Rejects Judicial Nominee (Oct. 6)
Death Row Case Tops Court Agenda (Oct. 5)
Ginsburg Present as Court Opens (Oct. 5)
High Court to Tackle Key Social, Political Issues (Oct. 4)

September 1999
Court to Hear Case on Violence Law (Sept. 29)
Ginsburg Recovering at Home (Sept. 29)
Ginsburg Recovering Without Complications (Sept. 21)
A High Court of Recovery (Sept. 20)
Ginsburg Hospitalized With Colon Cancer (Sept. 18)
In Shaping of Internet Law, First Amendment Is Winning (Sept. 12)
High Court to Hear Air-Bag Case (Sept. 11)

August 1999
Black Law Group Rebukes Rehnquist (Aug. 11)

July 1999
Rehnquist's Inclusion of 'Dixie' Strikes a Sour Note (July 22)
The Court's Alliances (July 2)

June 1999
Supreme Court Rulings Fuel Fervor of Federalists (June 28)
Justices Favor Pragmatism Over Liberalism (June 27)
In 3 Cases, High Court Shifts Power to States (June 24)
High Court Overturns Asbestos Settlement (June 24)
Supreme Court Limits Meaning of Disability (June 23)
Ruling Favors Workers Seeking Punitive Damages (June 23)
High Court Upholds Broader Death Sentence Law (June 22)
Supreme Court to Weigh Limits on Adult Cable (June 22)
Death Sentence Upheld in Evidence Dispute (June 18)
Court Rules for Federal Workers (June 18)
Court to Review Tech Aid to Religious Schools (June 15)
More Gambling Ads Likely After Court Ruling (June 15)
High Court Strikes Chicago Law Aimed at Gangs (June 11)
Court Orders Review of Va. Death-Row Case (June 11)
Court: States Due First Shot at Criminal Appeals (June 8)
Bar Raised for Drug Convictions (June 2)

May 1999
Schools Liable for Harassment (May 25)
Police Can Be Sued for Letting Media See Raids (May 25)
After a Quiet Spell, Justice Thomas Finds Voice (May 24)
New-Resident Limits on Welfare Rejected (May 18)
N.C. Redistricting Gets Another Chance (May 18)
High Court to Hear Driver Privacy Case (May 18)
Justice O'Connor Decries Racial Bias (May 16)
Court Backs INS on Deportation (May 4)

April 1999
High Court Focuses on 3 Disability Cases (April 29)
Court Narrows Gifts Law in Espy Ruling (April 28)
Justices to Decide FDA's Role Over Tobacco (April 27)
Court to Weigh Protection of Non-Citizens (April 27)
Justices Weigh Rights of Mentally Disabled (April 22)
Court Upholds Ban on Obscene E-Mail (April 20)
Court Expands Car Search Authority (April 6)
Supreme Court Delays Va. Execution (April 6)
Court Tend to Back States Over U.S. (April 1)

March 1999
Rehnquist Requests Separate Judiciary Funding (March 31)
Court Spurns Affirmative Action Case (March 30)
Indians' Fishing Rights Upheld (March 25)
Justices Question TV's Use on Raids (March 25)
Trial Judges Told to Screen Experts (March 24)
Court Won't Review Drug Checks (March 23)
High Court to Review Reporter Ride-Alongs (March 21)
Justices Defend Court's Hiring Practices (March 11)
Blackmun's Legacy Is Honored (March 10)
Blackmun Remembered for 'Human Touch' (March 9)
Justice Blackmun Dies, Leaves Legacy of Rights (March 5)
Disabled Pupils Win Right to Medical Aid (March 4)
Court Shows Reluctance on Strict Gifts Law (March 3)
U.S. Urges High Court to Ease Bias Damage Standard (March 2)

February 1999
Court Curbs Illegal Immigrants' Speech (Feb. 25)
High Court Restricts Bias Suits Against NCAA (Feb. 24)
High Court Cases Explore Death Penalty Appeals (Feb. 23)
Supreme Court Affirms Va. Abortion Law (Feb. 23)
Cases Could Affect Disabilities Law (Feb. 21)
Justice Thomas Urged to Cancel Speech (Feb. 2)

January 1999
Court to Review Contribution Limits (Jan. 26)
High Court Rejects Sampling in Census (Jan. 26)
High Court Clouds Scenarios for Census (Jan. 26)
High Court Weighs Race-Based Districts (Jan. 21)
Court Declines Shoplifter's '3 Strikes' Appeal (Jan. 20)
Court Weighs Welfare Limit for Newcomers (Jan. 14)
High Court Rejects Curbs on Ballot Initiatives (Jan. 13)
Justices Hear Case Over School Harassment (Jan. 13)
High Court Reviews Student Sexual Harassment (Jan. 11)
Rehnquist Decries Shift to Federal Courts (Jan. 1)

December 1998
Court Curbs Death Penalty Reversals Based on Trial Error (Dec. 15)
Justices Air Reservations About Anti-Loitering Ordinance (Dec. 10)
Court Bars Full Car Search In Traffic Violation Case (Dec. 9)
Rehnquist Denies Bias in Hiring of Law Clerks (Dec. 8)
High Court to Review Law Aimed at Gangs (Dec. 7)
In Rare Appearance, 2 Justices Concur Against Threats to Neutrality (Dec. 6)
Court Limits Guests' Right to Privacy (Dec. 2)
Arguments in Census Cases Leave Little to Count On (Dec. 1)

November 1998
Division of Representation, Funds at Stake in Census Feud (Nov. 27)
High Court Refuses Campaign Spending Case (Nov. 17)
Court Lets Stand Rulings on Secret Service, Lawyers' Testimony (Nov. 10)
Vouchers for Religious Schools Allowed (Nov. 10)
Justices Hear Palestinians' Case (Nov. 5)
Court Reviews Iowa's Vehicle Search Statute (Nov. 4)
High Court To Review Espy Probe Conviction (Nov. 3)

October 1998
High Court Considers Initiative Restrictions (Oct. 15)
Court Allows Ban on Gay Rights Laws (Oct. 14)
Court Lets Ind. Schools' Drug Tests Stand (Oct. 6)
Lack of Diversity Decried; 19 Arrested (Oct. 6)
Justices to Begin New Term at High Court (Oct. 4)

September 1998
Toni House, Washington's Supreme Spokeswoman (Sept. 30)
Harassment of Students on Docket (Sept. 30)
Justice Thomas Takes On His Critics (Sept. 23)
High Court to Rule on Census Sampling (Sept. 11)

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