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The Earlier, the Better
The 2004 presidential nominating process kicks off in a little more than 11 months -- and the race among states to grab the early spotlight is intensifying, creating an unprecedented front-loaded primary calendar.

Murkowski Chooses Daughter to Finish His Senate Term
Alaska Republican Gov. Frank H. Murkowski on Friday picked his daughter, Lisa Murkowski, a GOP state representative, to serve the final two years of his Senate term.

GOP Wins '02's Tightest Race
The recount results are finally finalized in Colorado's 7th Congressional District, and Republican Bob Beauprez finished ahead of Democrat Mike Feeley by just 121 votes.

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Republicans Have High Hopes for Ky. Gubernatorial Race (Congressional Quarterly, Dec. 6, 2002; 5:50 PM)

Hawaii Voters Must Cull Stars From Scrubs (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 22, 2002; 7:45 PM)

No Clear Winner Yet in Year's Closest House Race (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 22, 2002; 7:45 PM)

Beauprez's Lead Shrinks in Colorado 7, Forcing Automatic Recount: Final Vote Returns Trigger Automatic Recount (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 21, 2002; 8:00 PM)

GOP Can Now Press Agenda in Both Chambers (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 7, 2002; 6:30 PM)

Democrats Make Gains, Republicans Score Upsets in High-Profile Governor Races (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002; 3:00 PM)

Relatively Smooth Election Day Leaves Lawyers With Little Work; Recounts Possible in S.D., Alabama (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002; 2:45 PM)

House Republicans Enjoy Expanded Majority (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002; 3:30 AM)

Women Gubernatorial Candidates Set Election Record (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002; 9:00 PM)

Republican Victories Add Up to New Senate Majority (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002; 8:00 PM)

Governors: Democrats Make Gains, Republicans Score Upsets In Several High-Profile Races (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002; 4:15 AM)

Talent Tops Carnahan as Republicans Pick Up Senate Seat in Missouri (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002; 10:30 AM)

Cornyn Tops Kirk in Texas Senate Contest (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002; 2:30 PM)

Coleman Tops Mondale in Emotional Senate Race (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002; 12:15 PM)

Dole Triumphs in Tough N.C. Senate Race (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 5, 2002; 11:00 PM)

Chambliss Defeats Cleland for Ga. Senate Seat (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002)

Pryor Knocks Off Hutchinson (Congressional Quarterly, Nov. 6, 2002)

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