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Bush Makes Final Play for Electoral Grand Prize: Polls Show Gore's Once-Solid Lead in Key State Is Dwindling (Post, Oct. 30, 2000)

Democrats Could Pick Up 4 House Seats in Calif. (Post, Oct. 22, 2000)

For Bush, California Is Growing Elusive (Post, Sept. 20, 2000)

Calif. School Voucher Initiative Roils Race: Entrepreneur's Controversial Proposal Could Shape Presidential Vote (Post, July 19, 2000)

Green Issues Take Root in California: A Greener Attitude Takes Hold; Protecting Open Space Is Suddenly a Priority (Post, July 3, 2000)

Partisan Edge Is Elusive in Silicon Valley (Post, June 19, 2000)

With Aid of GOP Converts, Gun Control Sweeps Calif. (Post, Oct. 23, 1999)

A Tough Assignment: Fixing Schools (Post, Aug. 18, 1999)

With a New Calif. Script, the Action's in the Middle (Post, June 27, 1999)

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