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Is 1888 Casting a Long Shadow?: Is 1888 Casting a Very Long Shadow? Split Decision Decided by Electoral College 112 Years Ago Could Be an Omen or It Could Be Unique in U.S. Elections (Post, Nov. 2, 2000)

The Debates: Defining Moments: Despite Formats That Limited Spontaneity, Bush and Gore Showed Themselves (Post, Oct. 22, 2000)

Three Weeks to Find 'Just Right Al': A Hot and Cold Running Nominee Looks for a Happy Medium on the Trail (Post, Oct. 16, 2000)

In Florida, Not Where Bush Wanted to Be: Lagging GOP Effort Spurs Unease In Biggest State With a Close Race (Post, Sept. 26, 2000)

It Makes Him Wanna Shout, Y'all! (Post, Sept. 24, 2000)

Cheney Proves Less Than Glib on the Stump: Cheney Proves Less Than Glib On the Stump (Post, Sept. 1, 2000)

Running Hard for Second Place: Running Hard for Second Place; No. 2 Choice Is Important, But Ultimately Irrelevant (Post, Aug. 12, 2000)

'Pothole Issues' in Lazio's Middle Lane: 'Pothole Issues' in Lazio's Middle Lane (Post, July 7, 2000)

Bush's Style Still Raises Worry Within the GOP: Bush's Style Raises Worry Within GOP (Post, June 25, 2000)

No News Is Good News for Cautious Candidate Clinton (Post, May 22, 2000)

GOP Hangs Hopes on Gore's Garland (Post, April 29, 2000)

Return of the Disappearing Gore (Post, April 28, 2000)

In Arizona, Straight Talk and Another Stylish Exit (Post, March 10, 2000)

A Strange Day for GOP in N.Y. (Post, March 5, 2000)

McCain Tries to Erase His 'Evil' Accusation: Trying to Erase 'Evil'; John McCain's Rhetorical Grenades Have Stirred Anger in the GOP And Raised Allegations That He Is Exploiting Religious Differences (Post, March 2, 2000)

Lee Atwater, The Specter Of South Carolina (Post, Feb. 17, 2000)

In 'New' S.C., the Yells of GOP Rebels (Post, Feb. 10, 2000)

Grass-Roots Tradition Comes Around Again (Post, Jan. 23, 2000)

In Iowa, Forbes Feeds His Hopes (Post, Jan. 19, 2000; 9:08 PM)

12 Hours, 4 Contenders, Many Parallels (Post, Jan. 15, 2000)


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