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"I have steered my course by our enduring values," Clinton said in his farewell speech to the nation on Jan. 18, 2001.
 Text: Clinton's Farewell Address
(AP Photo)
 The Clinton Years 1992-2000: An interactive retrospective of key moments from the Clinton presidency in photographs, articles, transcripts and special reports.
Live Online
 Transcript: Bill Clinton answered readers' questions. (Jan. 18, 2001)
More on Clinton
 Clinton Accused: Full coverage of the fallout from the Lewinsky scandal and Jones lawsuit.
 Clinton's Legacy: Article archive of Clinton's post-presidency.
The following series of Washington Post articles takes an in-depth look back at Bill Clinton's impact and legacy as president.

Part 1
Policy by the Numbers 
President Clinton's mastery of politics was based on a technique that relied on constant gauging and responses to public opinion.
 Outlook:Clinton and the Media

Part 2
Skill and Luck in Boomtime
Nothing better explains the phenomenon of a president who leaves office with sky-high job approval ratings but very low personal approval ratings than the U.S. economy under his watch.

Part 3
With Freeh, Mutual Mistrust
Clinton's relationship with FBI Director Louis J. Freeh began with promise. Both men later would conclude that their first impressions were very wrong.

Part 4
An Environmental End-Run
Clinton did not run for office as an environmentalist, but as president, he often circumvented Congress to build a green legacy.
 Ask President Clinton

Part 5
Diplomat on the World Stage
As the first American president in half a century to serve his entire tenure without the Cold War, Clinton labored to bring focus to American foreign policy.
 President Clinton Answers Your Questions

Part 6
A Question of Relevance
The debate on Clinton now pivots from his character and tactics to his overall impact: Did this president drive history? Or was he swept along by it?
 Multimedia Retrospective
 Post Series:Clinton Legacy

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