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 Smoke, Mirrors, & Shades Of Enron!
Cheryl Block, a professor of law at the George Washington University Law School who has written extensively on tax and budget policy, examines President Bush's 2006 budget proposal.
Grudgingly, House Accepts $284 Billion Bill
Defying a White House veto threat, the House yesterday overwhelmingly approved a $284 billion transportation bill to fund new interstate lanes, parking garages and thousands of other home-state needs that lawmakers refuse to sacrifice, even as they wrestle with a serious red-ink problem.

GOP Lawmakers Present Tax-Cutting Budgets
House and Senate Republicans unveiled budget plans for the fiscal year that include billions of dollars in spending cuts and room for as much as $106 billion in tax reductions over the next five years.

Congressional Panels Offer Budget Blueprints
The House and Senate Budget committees will unveil fiscal blueprints Wednesday that pave the way for additional tax relief while seeking billions in spending cuts that target Medicaid and many other domestic programs.

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