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Historic Reagan Speeches
On June 12, 1987, former president Ronald Reagan, speaking in front of the Berlin Wall, delivered one of the most famous speeches of his presidency. (AP)
 Video: 1981 Inaugural
 Video: 1984 D-Day
 Video: 1987 Berlin Wall
 Video: 1989 Farewell

Remembering Reagan
 Video: Bush Eulogizes Reagan
 Video: Scenes From D.C. Funeral
 Panorama: Lying in State
 Graphic: Procession Route
 Those Who Have Lain in State
Key People
 Notable Mourners: List of attendees at Friday's state funeral
 Family Bond: Reagan's family tree
 Then and Now: Key figures of the Reagan presidency
 The Early Years : Born Feb. 6, 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan went on to star in films, was elected governor of California and twice president of the United States.
 1964-1980 : Road to the White House
 1981-1984 : The First Term
 1985-1988 : The Second Term
 1989-1999 : Return to California
Live Discussions
 Transcript: Post's Kaiser on Reagan's Legacy
 Transcript: Donald A. Ritchie, associate historian of the Senate Historial Office
 Transcript : Author Dinesh D'Souza
 Transcript : Author and producer Adriana Bosch
 Transcript : The Post's William Booth
 Transcript : The Post's Lou Cannon
 Transcript : Columnist Peggy Noonan
 Transcript : Reagan and Alzheimer's
 Transcript : Former Post White House Correspondent David Hoffman
Opinion & Commentary
 Steven Pearlstein: Use Caution In the Pursuit Of Security
 Max M. Kampelman: Rescue With a Presidential Push
 Charles Krauthammer: Reagan Revisionism
 Jim Hoagland: Keep Reagan's Record in Balance
 Post Editorial: Quick off the Dime
 Robert J. Samuelson: Unsung Triumph
 Harold Meyerson: Class Warrior
 Anne Applebaum: A Cause In Need of A Lasky
 David Ignatius: Protean Leader
 E. J. Dionne Jr.: The New Dealer
 Richard Cohen: A Paradox
 Post Editorial : Ronald Wilson Reagan
 George F. Will : An Optimist's Legacy
 David S. Broder : The Great Persuader
 Dan Froomkin : The Reagan Comparison
 Howard Kurtz : Remaking a President
 Tom Shales : White House's Best Actor
A Reagan Campaign
In the two weeks since former president Ronald Reagan was laid to rest, his grieving family has mostly retreated from public view, staying mum as Republican leaders lionize his legacy and promote President Bush as his political heir.

The Funeral
National and World Leaders Laud Reagan
Beneath the towering vaults of Washington National Cathedral, some 3,700 mourners sat rapt as the 40th president was commemorated with a level of pomp nearly unprecedented in American history.
 Day Off Eases Congestion

In the News
Words of Praise From Father and Son: Bushes Saw in Reagan the Traits That Have Defined Them (Post, June 12, 2004)

Reagan's Experience Alters Outlook for Alzheimer's Patients (Post, June 14, 2004)

'He Is Home Now' (Post, June 12, 2004)

Pop's Reagan Record: Sound & Fury (Post, June 13, 2004)

Illuminating a Dark Path Ahead: For Va. Man With Alzheimer's, End of Reagan's Life Hints at Future (Post, June 13, 2004)

Mourners at the Cathedral (Post, June 12, 2004)

Long Line Leads to a Letdown: Latecomers Miss Rotunda Viewing (Post, June 12, 2004)

Weathering Reagan: A Low in the '80s (Post, June 12, 2004)

Getting Around Eased by Day Off Work and Warnings to Motorists (Post, June 12, 2004)

Moving Pictures Of a Stately Send-Off (Post, June 12, 2004)

The Gipper's Team: On a Day of Mourning, Old Administration Hands Replay Their Brightest Moments (Post, June 12, 2004)

President Offered in '83 To Meet With Hinckley (Post, June 12, 2004)

Thousands Bid Farewell to Reagan in Funeral Service (Post, June 11, 2004; 4:21 PM)

Scenes From the Funeral Ceremonies (Post, June 11, 2004; 2:36 PM)

Business Was Anything but Usual: Shops, Cafes on Reagan Funeral Procession's Route Tried to Adjust on a Far From Typical Day (Post, June 12, 2004)

The Text of Former President George H. W. Bush's Eulogy of Former President Reagan (E-Media, June 11, 2004; 12:46 PM)

Transcript: President Bush Eulogizes Ronald Reagan (E-Media, June 11, 2004; 12:47 PM)

Text of Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney Eulogy of Former President Reagan (E-Media, June 11, 2004; 12:32 PM)

Bushes Return to Honor Reagan: This Morning's State Funeral to Embrace Multiple Eulogists and Faiths (Post, June 11, 2004)

A Difficult Task on a Somber Day: National Park Service Has Thankless Job During Ceremony (Post, June 11, 2004; 8:26 AM)

Reagan Casts Giant Shadow Online (TechNews.com, June 11, 2004; 9:46 AM)

A Widow's Heartfelt Farewell (Post, June 11, 2004)

Reagan, Bush Contrasts Are as Telling as Parallels (Post, June 11, 2004)

In a Most Moving Setting, A Guard's Steadfast Presence (Post, June 11, 2004)

The Reaganest Republican: Rep. Tom Feeney Stands Out From Other Conservative Devotees (Post, June 11, 2004)

Reagan Veterans Bring Back the '80s: Ex-Officials Are Embraced by Washington (Post, June 11, 2004)

John Danforth, Churchman For a State Occasion (Post, June 11, 2004)

A Long Wait For Moment Of Memories (Post, June 11, 2004)

Showing Their Affection One Final Time (Post, June 11, 2004)

Not Everyone Swept Up In Reagan Whirlwind: Work, Weather, Indifference Keep Many Away (Post, June 11, 2004)

Mourners' Attire Not Quite Reaganesque: For Long Wait in the Heat, Many Opted for Comfort: Flip-Flops, T-Shirts and Halter Tops (Post, June 11, 2004)

Gorbachev: 'We All Lost Cold War' (Post, June 11, 2004)

Frail Thatcher Determined to Pay Respects: Briton to Deliver Taped Eulogy (Post, June 11, 2004)

Use Caution in the Pursuit of Security (Post, June 11, 2004)

Cathedral Flower Guild Gets Chance to Bloom (Post, June 11, 2004)

Scenes From the Rotunda (Post, June 10, 2004; 5:33 PM)

Thousands Make Pilgrimage to Capitol: Many Wait Patiently Overnight to Pay Tribute to Reagan (Post, June 10, 2004; 1:51 PM)

Public Waits Hours for Chance to Pay Respects (Post, June 10, 2004)

A Day of Ritual and Remembrance: Reagan Saluted From California To the Capital (Post, June 10, 2004)

A Somber Procession Of Present and Past (Post, June 10, 2004)

Rotunda Welcomes Visitors, Not Video Cameras and Weapons (Post, June 10, 2004)

A Final Journey Through Washington (Post, June 10, 2004)

Overheard (Post, June 10, 2004)

An American Journey: At the End of a Mythic Path, Thousands Pay Tribute to the Former President (Post, June 10, 2004)

A 'Providential' Leader and an American Idealist (Post, June 10, 2004)

Tributes in Word and Deed (Post, June 10, 2004)

Morning Street Closings Expected (Post, June 9, 2004; 8:56 PM)

GOP Leaders Eulogize The 40th President (Post, June 10, 2004)

Thousands Come To Witness History, Pay Their Respects (Post, June 10, 2004)

Traffic Is Light, but Commute Not Without Obstacles (Post, June 10, 2004)

Dispatches from the Memorial Services (Post, June 9, 2004; 7:52 PM)

Varied Career Prepared General For High-Profile Assignment (Post, June 10, 2004)

A Private in the Old Guard, Standing on Ceremony (Post, June 10, 2004)

Stem Cells An Unlikely Therapy for Alzheimer's: Reagan-Inspired Zeal For Study Continues (Post, June 10, 2004)

Capitol Cleared Over Errant Small Plane: Kentucky Governor's Craft Had Special Permission, but Transponder Was Broken (Post, June 10, 2004)

Reagan Procession Disrupts Rush Hour (washingtonpost.com, June 9, 2004; 9:15 PM)

Precision Timing Crucial on Both Coasts: Family Had Say-So Over Arrangements (Post, June 10, 2004)

Schisms From Administration Lingered for Years (Post, June 9, 2004)

Reagan Policies Gave Green Light to Red Ink (Post, June 9, 2004)

Dishonoring Reagan's Tax Legacy (Live Online, June 9, 2004; 11:00 AM)

For Many in GOP, Connections To Reagan Are Vivid, Personal (Post, June 9, 2004)

America's Theater In the Round: For Presidential Last Acts, the Rotunda Is the Ultimate Arena (Post, June 9, 2004)

Old Guard Solemnly Ready for Role in History (Post, June 9, 2004)

Reagan's Defense Buildup Bridged Military Eras: Huge Budgets Brought Life Back to Industry (Post, June 9, 2004)

Region Braces for Funeral Processions: D.C. Announces Liberal Leave for Wednesday; Government, Schools Closed Friday (Post, June 8, 2004; 7:42 PM)

Hail, Farewell to the Chief: Thousands in California Pay Final Respects to Reagan (Post, June 8, 2004)

Under Reagan, Scrutiny of Rules Became the Rule (Post, June 8, 2004)

Public Viewing to Last 34 Hours (Post, June 8, 2004)

City, Hotels Brace for A Host of Dignitaries (Post, June 8, 2004)

Drivers Warned of Gridlock During Processions (Post, June 8, 2004)

A Tangible Grief: Lying in State Gives the Public A Ritual's Comfort (Post, June 8, 2004)

In California, a Community of Mourners (Post, June 8, 2004)

Rosy Outlook Hid Ugly Facts From Reagan (Post, June 8, 2004)

Reagan Events Put Race on Brief Hold: Possible Election Impact Debated (Post, June 8, 2004)

Californians Pay Last Respects to Reagan (Post, June 7, 2004; 5:50 PM)

A Nation and the World Pay Tribute to Reagan: Body to Lie in State at Capitol; State Funeral Set for Friday (Post, June 7, 2004)

For Many, Appreciation Grew Over Time: Tributes Note Reagan's Cold War Role and His Vision of a United Europe (Post, June 7, 2004)

Ambivalence in Former 'Evil Empire' (Post, June 7, 2004)

Hastening an End to the Cold War (Post, June 6, 2004)

Right-Leaning Policy Won a Nickname: Reaganomics (Post, June 6, 2004)

Historic Tax Code Changes Eroded in Years Since 1986 (Post, June 7, 2004)

His Fellow Americans: Cited as State of the Union Heroes, Average Citizens Got Co-Star Billing (Post, June 7, 2004)

Showman-Statesman To Have a Grand Exit (Post, June 7, 2004)

Flags Lowered, Memories Raised: Buildings Here Bear Reagan's Name, Not Spirit (Post, June 7, 2004)

At 40th D-Day Tribute, Reagan Took the Occasion by Storm (Post, June 7, 2004)

Kerry Praises Reagan in Speech at High School Graduation: Senator Puts Campaign on Hold to Honor Former President (Post, June 7, 2004)

In California, Flowers for a Famous Neighbor (Post, June 7, 2004)

Former President Lauded in Europe; Reaction Mixed in Latin America (Post, June 6, 2004)

Reagan's Legacy Honored at D.C. Vigil (Post, June 7, 2004)

Sagging GOP Rebuilt in His Image (Post, June 6, 2004)

The Leading Man: Writing Their Own Script, They Loved Happily Ever After (Post, June 6, 2004)

LBJ's 1973 Funeral to Be Model For Farewell to 40th President (Post, June 6, 2004)

In Illinois, Memories of a Favorite Son: Heartland Town Mourns Reagan, Known to Many as a 'Normal Guy' (Post, June 7, 2004)

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