Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fast Forward
5 Ways to Unleash the Music
By Rob Pegoraro, Page F07
   Two years ago this coming Thursday, the online music business stopped being a joke. When Apple Computer Inc. opened its iTunes Music Store for business on April 28, 2003, people finally had a song-downloads destination that didn't treat them like crooks but did provide a fair value for the money.

Page F07
    Q To save electricity, should I start up my computer and monitor fresh each day? I've heard that a PC uses a lot more power as it starts up.

Web Watch
Google Accommodates Search History Buffs
By Leslie Walker, Page F07
   Don't take this personally, but Google wants your Web search history.

Page F08
    JADE EMPIRE, Microsoft/BioWare
Jade Empire has the same basic story line as any good martial-arts adventure -- you take on the role of a gifted student who must pursue a series of quests to restore peace and harmony to the land -- but its action has little in...

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