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___ 2003 Pulitzer Prize ___
For Criticism
Post movie critic Stephen Hunter won "for his authoritative film criticism that is both intellectually rewarding and a pleasure to read." Read the winning submissions:
Pure Razzmatazz: 'Chicago' (Dec. 27, 2002)
A Bloodied Past: 'Gangs of New York' (Dec. 20, 2002)
'About Schmidt': Sublimely Ordinary (Dec. 20, 2002)
'Adaptation': Tweaking Reality (Dec. 20, 2002)
The One Ring, The True Sword (Dec. 17, 2002)
Every Picture Impels The Story (July 21, 2002)
When Le Film Hits Le Fan (May 20, 2002)
The One Who Liked It Hot (March 29, 2002)
Shock Troops: 'Black Hawk Down' (Jan. 18, 2002)
Stephen Hunter Reviews
Triggering Memories: At the NRA Museum, Tommy Gun Devotees Can Zero In on a Classic (Post, March 22, 2004)

The Story Beneath That Calm Vermeer (Post, Jan. 4, 2004)

The Messages in a Battle: Two Opposing Forces Are Massed in New Films: Tricks That Deal a Blow & Those Best Left Sheathed (Post, Dec. 21, 2003)

The Good Fight: 'Return of the King' Completes Tolkien's Epic Fantasy of Evil Vanquished (Post, Dec. 16, 2003)

'Love Don't Cost': In-Crowd Control (Post, Dec. 12, 2003)

Love Takes Its Time: 'Something's Gotta Give': Keaton and Nicholson Are Definitely Still Kicking (Post, Dec. 12, 2003)

Dances With Swords: 'The Last Samurai' Rides Lamely Into the Sunrise (Post, Dec. 5, 2003)

The Tragic Route Of Rio's 'Bus 174' (Post, Dec. 5, 2003)

'21 Grams': The Chaotic Order Of the Universe (Post, Nov. 26, 2003)

'America': This Film Was Made for You and Me (Post, Nov. 26, 2003)

Saint Nick's Polar Opposite (Post, Nov. 26, 2003)

'Looney Tunes': Daffy Genius (Post, Nov. 14, 2003)

'Master and Commander': Heavy On the Ballast (Post, Nov. 14, 2003)

'Shattered Glass' Pieces Together A Mosaic of Lies (Post, Nov. 7, 2003)

Only an Illusion: 'The Matrix Revolutions' Drops the Plot To End the Film Series With a Big Bang (Post, Nov. 5, 2003)

'The Human Stain': Out, Out, Damn Spotlight (Post, Oct. 31, 2003)

'Wonderland': Down in the Valley, the Valley So Low (Post, Oct. 17, 2003)

Retooled 'Chainsaw' Cuts to the Chase (Post, Oct. 17, 2003)

The Killer Bride: Quentin Tarantino's Toast to Vows Of Vengeance (Post, Oct. 10, 2003)

'Dopamine': A True Feel-Good Movie (Post, Oct. 10, 2003)

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