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About Human Genome Project
In June, two teams of scientists announced they had completed the world's first working drafts of the entire human genetic code. The accomplishment launches a new era in medicine.

The long-term ramifications are profound. In many ways, society is unprepared for the full implications.

The Washington Post and washingtonpost.com explore these issues in depth with a package of stories and special reports.

The Human Genome Project formally began in October 1990 with the goals of identifying the more than 100,000 genes in human DNA, determining the sequences of the 3 billion chemical base pairs in DNA, and storing this information in databases for future analysis and application.

The National Institutes of Health's Human Genome Research Institute and the Department of Energy's Human Genome Program together make up the U.S. Human Genome Project. The U.K.'s Wellcome Trust, a private philanthropy, also contributes to the global initiative.

Q & A on the Human Genome

HGS Arthritis Drug Clears Testing Hurdle
Human Genome Sciences Inc.'s treatment for rheumatoid arthritis has cleared a major testing hurdle, according to company officials, marking the first time one of the drugs developed by the Rockville firm has proved effective in patients.

HGS In The News
It's Crunch Time for Companies With Products in the Pipeline (Post, Jan. 3, 2005)

HGS Picks Watkins as New Chief Executive (Post, Nov. 22, 2004)

HGS Board Member Named Chairman (Post, Sept. 21, 2004)

No Favorite In Race to Treat Lupus: Genentech, Rockville's Human Genome Sciences Each Has a Promising Drug in the Pipeline (Post, Sept. 6, 2004)

Bioshield Too Little for Drug Industry: Companies Want More Protection From Financial Loss (Post, July 26, 2004)

Panel Cuts Bush's Budget Request for NASA (Post, July 21, 2004)

U.S. to Order Anthrax Vaccine: Government Also Wants Treatment, Adviser Says (Post, June 8, 2004)

Sky Watch
Book Your Seat for Venus Transit (Post, June 2, 2004)

Biotech Company Laying Off 200 More: HGS to Lose CEO Haseltine, Cut Back Search for New Drugs (Post, March 25, 2004)

U.S. to Buy Anthrax Vaccine: Stockpile Would Permit Mass Inoculations (Post, March 12, 2004)

Companies Detail Promising Tests of Anthrax Treatments (Post, March 9, 2004; 12:38 PM)

Anthrax Treatments Promising In Tests: Two Developers Say Experimental Drugs Are Safe for Humans (Post, March 9, 2004)

Human Genome Sciences Will Abandon Drug: In Trial, Repifermin Did Not Significantly Ease Chemotherapy Condition (Post, Feb. 3, 2004)

Human Genome Sciences Cuts Workforce by 7%: Rockville Biotech Firm Lays Off 78 (Post, Dec. 18, 2003)

The High Cost Of Making an Anthrax Drug: Human Genome Sciences Needs Commitment From Government to Proceed With Treatment (Post, Dec. 8, 2003)

Human Genome Sciences Reduces Losses: Cost Controls, Less Spending on Research and Development Offset Lower Revenue (Post, Oct. 29, 2003)

Human Genome Sciences to Abandon Key Treatment (Post, Sept. 26, 2003)

HGS Still Waiting for Drug Pipeline to Pay Off (Post, July 29, 2003; 12:46 PM)

Biotech Firm Revises Financing: Human Genome Sciences Responds to Rule Change (Post, July 9, 2003)

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