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Residents of the middle class Las Colinas neighborhood west of the capital, San Salvador, El Salvador look for victims of the 7.6 earthquake that shook Central America Saturday Jan. 13, 2001. (AP)

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Live Online
live online El Salvador's President Francisco Flores was live online to talk about the aftermath of the earthquake, the economy, and counter-drug efforts.
Camera Works Gallery
El Salvador Earthquake Searching for Survivors With 600 confirmed dead and 1000 others missing, the search for survivors continued.
 Video: As rescue teams work, victims are buried.
How to Help
 Agencies accepting donations to aid earthquake victims
 Where to call and what to send from El Diario de Hoy (en Espanol)
 To make a secure credit card donation to the Red Cross
 Names of victims
 Map of Earthquake Site
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El Salvador Wires

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