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A Ugandan nurse watches over Sharon Apio, a two-year-old Ebola patient at the Gulu district hospital. (Boris Grdanoski - AP)
 World Health Organization onthe Gulu Outbreak
 Center for Disease Control on Previous Ebola Outbreaks
The Deadliest Fever
 WHO: Ebola Fact Sheet
 CDC: FAQs on Ebola
 Special Issue on Ebola: The Journal of Infectious Diseases
Scientist Is Watched for Signs of Ebola
A scientist who works in a maximum containment laboratory at Fort Detrick has been placed in isolation after she accidentally stuck herself with a needle while working with mice infected with a weakened form of the Ebola virus.

Volunteer Tests New Ebola Vaccine
Experts say this first Ebola vaccine is probably the safest and most sophisticated vaccine ever made, without a single component coming from the virus itself.

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