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Alejandro Garcia, 23, works as a carpenter in Cuanajo, in Michoacan state, where low wages make it difficult for laborers to improve their quality of life. (Mary Jordan -- The Washington Post)
 Video: Mexico's Left-Right Combination Fox and his foreign minister Jorge Castaneda may appear to be an odd couple, but Fox's choice was a calculated move to promote his vision for Mexico.
Live Online
Leaders of the Americas Mexican President Vicente Fox was online to take questions about the United States, Mexico and his meeting with President Bush.
 En espanol
U.S.-Mexico Relations
 Key Issues
 Chronology of U.S.-Mexico Relations
Mexico's New President
 Fox's Cabinet
 Seven Prioirites for Reform
Live Online
 In April Vicente Fox took questions from readers: Fox's remarks in English.
 Fox's remarks in Spanish
Post Audio
 Post correspondent Kevin Sullivan talks about the mood in Mexico and what Fox's presidency will mean for the country.
Jaime blows up a balloon July 2, 2000:Mexico at the Polls
 Monterrey and Mexcaltepec:Faces of the Two Mexicos
Political Parties on the Web
 PRI Partido Revolucionario Institucional (Institutional Revolutionary Party)
 PAN Partido Accion Nacional (National Action Party)
 PRD Partido de la Revolucion Democratica (Party of the Democratic Revolution)
 PVE Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico (Ecologist Green Party of Mexico)
 PT Partido del Trabajo (Workers' Party)
Post Editorial
 Mexico's New Era (11/30/00)
 America as Mexico's Safety Valve By Robert J. Samuelson (7/20/00)
Mexican Workers Still Hurting From '90s Crisis 
Almost a decade after a devastating financial crisis hit Mexico in 1994 and 1995, workers' stubbornly low earnings are at the core of some of the country's most nagging problems.

The Man Who Might Lead Mexico
In the noisy run-up to Mexico's July 6 elections, the most popular and watched politician in the country is the capital's mayor, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is not running for anything -- at least not yet.

Trade Brings Riches, but Not to Mexico's Poor
Despite the assurances of four presidents that Mexico was moving up from its Third World status and a landmark free trade agreement with the United States that was to have enriched the country, the number of people living in poverty has soared over the past two decades.

Swiss Judge Ends Probe of Mexican's Accounts
A Swiss judge has closed a six-year investigation into the origin of $130 million held in the secret bank accounts of Raul Salinas, brother of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas, according to news reports.

Latest News
Mexico Arrests Drug Boss (Post, March 10, 2002)

Idealist's Death, Big Arrest Rattle Posh Mexican City: Mayor Held in Probe of Killing, Corruption (Post, March 8, 2002)

Mexico Steps Into Spotlight: New President Sets a Bold Course in U.S., Regional Relations (Post, Jan. 31, 2001)

Fox Inauguration Ends Mexico's One-Party Rule: New President Vows to End Corruption (Post, Dec. 2, 2000)

Mexican Congress Censures Fox for Adding to Oath (Post, Dec. 6, 2000)

Chiapas Indians Pin Hopes on Fox: Mexican President Pledges to End Conflict (Post, Dec. 5, 2000)

Top Mexican Rebel Makes Fox an Offer: Leader of Uprising Praises President (Post, Dec. 3, 2000)

Rebel Steals Mexican's Spotlight (Post, Dec. 1, 2000)

S. America's Expanding Exodus: Economic, Political Crises Spur Migration of Rich and Poor (Post, Nov. 30, 2000)

Young Mexicans Take Center Stage: President-Elect Fox Must Meet Raised Expectations (Post, Nov. 26, 2000)

Fox Names Leftist as Foreign Minister: Executive to Guide Mexico's Finances (Post, Nov. 23, 2000)

Irreverent Fox Shakes Up Transition in Mexico: President-Elect Bombards Nation With Reform Proposals (Post, Nov. 22, 2000)

Old Texas Mercury Mines Attract Tourists, Danger: Fatal Falls, Dynamite, Rattlesnakes--and Still the Visitors Come (Post, Nov. 20, 2000)

Mexicans Seek to Lift Government's Veil: Publisher Leads One Campaign: 'How Can We Have Democracy Without Daylight?' (Post, Nov. 16, 2000)

Rival Parties Nearly Tied in Mexican Race For Governor (Post, Nov. 14, 2000)

WORLD: In Brief (Post, Nov. 13, 2000)

Mexican National Executed in Texas (Post, Nov. 10, 2000)

U.S. Asks WTO to Hear Case (Post, Nov. 9, 2000)

NATION IN BRIEF (Post, Nov. 6, 2000)

Life Along the Rio Grande Defined by Lack of Water (Post, Nov. 3, 2000)

Mexicans Protest Over Lack Of Bonus (Post, Oct. 27, 2000)

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Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, after months of lagging in the polls, seems to be gaining momentum, changing the entire dynamic of Mexico's presidential race.

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