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Two Uighur men walk through the rubble of a recently demolished building next to a mosque in Urumqi, the capital of China's troubled Xinjiang province. (AFP)
At a Glance
xinjiang Xinjiang China's restive western province contains a mix of ethnicities; Uighurs are the largest group.
 A Line in Tibet by William C. Triplett II (01/02/00)
China's Outer Reaches
 Background on Uighurs in China from Federation of American Scientists
 East Turkistan Info Center
 Inner Mongolia Peoples Party
 International Taklamakan Human Rights Assoc. on issues in Western China and Inner Mongolia.
 Amnesty International report on human rights in Xinjiang.
Rural China
 China Women's News a source for news with emphasis on rural women (in English or Chinese)
 China Rural (in Chinese)
Village Elections
 Village Elections Site by the Carter Center and the Civil Affairs Ministry (in Chinese)
 Village Elections Site basic information in English
 Carter Center China Village Elections Project (in English)
 Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs (in Chinese)
 Project on Village Democracy from Unirule, a Chinese thinktank (in Chinese and English)
 Chinese Leaders on Democracy compiled by the Carter Center (in English)
8 Slashed to Death in Chinese High School
The unexplained attack is the latest and most serious in a series of such knifings that have alarmed the Chinese public and led police to reinforce security at schools and day-care centers.

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