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Lin Chen-che, legislator of Taiwan's opposition Kuomintang, displays a helicopter with a Taiwanese flag and jet with a Chinese flag as he called for both Taiwan and China not to engage in a new arms race. (Ke Cheng-Hui - AFP)
Robert Kagan Bush's Straight Talk on China: "With a few words Bush has dragged the United States across the threshold from the era of illusions to the era of reality."
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live online Weapons Sales to Taiwan: Brookings fellow Michael O'Hanlon praised Bush's "balanced approach."
 Jim Doran from Sen. Helms's Foreign Relations Committee said the arms package was "good but could have been better."
Taiwan Arms Sales
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 U.S. Spy Plane in China
Chen Dealt Setback In Taiwan Election
TAIPEI, Taiwan, Dec. 11 -- Taiwanese voters Saturday decided not to give President Chen Shui-bian the legislative majority he had sought in a hard-fought campaign as reinforcement for his leadership and endorsement of his plans to edge the self-ruled island closer to independence.

Politics Puts Hold on Taiwan Arms Purchase
TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 10 -- A proposed $18.2 billion purchase of U.S. weapons by Taiwan has bogged down in the island's hard-fought electoral politics despite repeated warnings from the Bush administration that the new arms are imperative to bolster defenses against China.

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