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Taipei emergency personnel attend to the wreckage of Singapore Airlines SQ-006 late Tuesday. (Reuters)
 The Crash Scenario Investigators suspect the plane took off from the wrong runway.
Passenger List
 Passenger and Crew List includes list of fatalities.
Live Online
 Post reporter Clay Chandler answered questions about the crash of Singapore Airlines flight SQ006, from Taipei.
Camera Works Gallery
Crash Injured Singapore Airlines Crash The Boeing 747 crashed in Taipei, killing at least 79 people.
 Post reporter Don Phillips on the Singapore Air crash and airline safety.
 Singapore Airlines Crash The chairman of Singapore Airlines apologized for the crash and said the pilot had used the wrong runway.
Background Information
 747 Crash Location Graphic
 Previous Boeing 747 Crashes
On the Web
 Federal Aviation Administration
 Singapore Airlines
 China Airlines
 Chiang Kai-shek International Airport
 Boeing 747-400 Technical Specs from Boeing Corp.
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