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Medical personnel walk beside a sailor wounded in the attack on the USS Cole after his arrival at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. (Reuters)
 Operation Piggyback The Plan to Salvage the USS Cole
 Attack in Aden Sequence of events.
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 Mourning the Sailors
 Attack on the USS Cole
 Sailors Arrive in Norfolk
 The Recovery Effort
 Defense Secretary Bill Cohen
 Sailors React
 Navy Officials
MSNBC icon President Clinton at the Memorial Service in Norfolk
 President Clinton on the USS Cole and the crisis in the Mideast
 Madeleine Albright on the USS Cole
Two Men Charged With USS Cole Bombing
Two suspected al Qaeda operatives who escaped from prison in Yemen last month were indicted in the United States today on murder and terror charges in the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 American sailors.

10 Suspects in USS Cole Blast Escape From Yemeni Prison
Ten of the main suspects in the October 2000 bombing of the USS Cole escaped from a tightly guarded intelligence agency building where they were being held in the port city of Aden in southern Yemen, officials said.

Gunman Kills 3 U.S. Missionaries At Yemen Hospital
Officials in Yemen Monday arrested an Islamic militant suspected of killing three U.S. missionaires, as investigators sought to deterrmine if the shootings were connected to the al Qaeda network.

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