The Best of Brando
The late, great Marlon Brando.
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Marlon Brando, who died July 2 at the age of 80, left behind a career filled with memorable performances. But a few of his roles rise above the rest to stand among the most iconic, very best of Brando.
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"A Streetcar Named Desire"
Brando became the rage-filled Stanley Kowalski in this adaptation of the Tennessee Williams drama, which includes perhaps the most famous delivery of the line "Stella!" ever captured on stage or screen.
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"On the Waterfront"
Brando won his first Best Actor Oscar for his work in this Elia Kazan film. The movie, which also won the Oscar for Best Picture, may be most famous for the taxi cab scene where Brando tells Rod Steiger, "I coulda been a contender."
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"The Godfather"
In the role that launched a thousand impersonations, Brando played mafia boss Don Vito Corleone. Despite his relatively brief amount of screen time, the film led to his second Academy Award as Best Actor.
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"Apocalypse Now"
Starring opposite Martin Sheen in this Vietnam horror story, Brando played the insane Col. Walter Kurtz. Some may see vague parallels between the character's isolation from society and the reclusive figure the actor eventually became.
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"The Freshman"
This comedy, co-starring Matthew Broderick, is notable mainly because it allowed Brando to gleefully satirize his work in "The Godfather" films. It was one of only a handful of screen appearances from the latter part of his life.
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"The Score"
In his final film appearance, Brando starred opposite Robert De Niro and Edward Norton, two actors clearly influenced by the icon. In that way, albeit unintentionally, "The Score" brought Brando's career full-circle.
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