Style: 'Idol's' Mane Man Style

We want to run our collective fingers through the versatile tresses of "American Idol" hair god Sanjaya Malakar. One night they're fluffy; the next, flat. One night, spiral curls; the next, pin-straight. We couldn't really focus on last week's mediocre rendition of "You Really Got Me" for dreaming of the hair, the beautiful, beautiful hair.

We can't get our hands on those gorgeous locks, but at least we can fool around -- and you can, too. Give him the swirl of tonight's "Idol" guest, Gwen Stefani. Or the blond pigtails of his biggest fan, 13-year-old Ashley Ferl, who wept for him last week as if he were a Beatle.

Print your own cut-and-fold copies. It's probably the only way you'll get scissors near Sanjaya.

-- Style staff

Sanjaya: A D.I.Y. Hairstyle Project

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