In a way, the "Lost" island -- with its cliques, secret crushes and occasionally long-winded lessons about physics -- has always been a little like high school. So with the series coming to an end, what better way to honor our favorite characters than by selecting "Lost" superlatives?

Vote for the Lostie who most deserves each of the titles below, then come back on Monday, May 24 -- the day after the "Lost" finale -- to see who was selected as the winner in each category. And if the high school yearbook vibe moves you to print out this page so the Smoke Monster can sign it -- "Have a hot summer, but keep cool. Love, Smokey" -- by all means, be our guest.

Most attractive male
Most attractive female
Class clown
Nerdiest male
Nerdiest female
Most likely to succeed off the island
Least likely to succeed off the island
Cutest couple
Most lovable BFFs
Biggest drama king
Biggest drama queen
Biggest flirt
Best dressed
Most evolved
Biggest island gossip
Least trustworthy
Smartest male
Smartest female
Most terrifying
Most likable marginal character
Most irritating character
Most likely to win in a fist fight
Worst parent
Who you'd most like to be stranded with on a desert island

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