In/Out: 1978

The List: what’s out, what’s in as 1978 dawns

By Nina Hyde and Jura Koncius
Washington Post Staff Writers

The Great Gatsby   Annie Hall
Little Bo Peep   Little Orphan Annie
Peasants   Pirates
Funk   Punk
Frizz   Braids
Scarves   Ties
Farrah Fawcett curls   Princess Leia coils
Gauchos   Sarouels
Quantity   Quality
Gold shopping bags   School bags
Butterfly bows   Brooks Brothers bow ties
Designer sneakers   Athletic shoes
Concave chests   Bosoms
Tissues   Lace hankies
Red, white and blue   Black and blue
Starches   Wrinkled
Gloria Steinem's wire rims   Annie Hall horn-rimmed specs
Fitted dresses   Tent dresses
Stiff   Sensual
T-shirts with skirts   Tunics over skirts
Cardigans   Loose, mannish jackets
Fitted three-piece suits   Vests
Arms   Legs
Minks   Lynx
Chains   Silk cords
Two of any type of jewelry   Two vests, two shirts or two skirts (worn at once)
Fashion lists   Individual style

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