In/Out: 1980

The List: what’s out, what’s in as 1980 dawns

By Nina Hyde
Washington Post Staff Writers

The essence of fashion is knowing what's in and what's out. But what good does it do you to come into work one day completely in, wearing brown eyeshadow and pearls, carrying a Judith Krantz novel peeping out of your Enny bag if those unenlightened dweeps you call your co-workers don't appreciate how in you are?

It's impossible to glory in being totally in if nobody around understands what's out.

So, how to insure in-ness?

Read this list.

Memorize this list.

Make 10 copies of this list and send them to 10 people you come in contact with in this life or the next. Have them make 10 copies and send them out similarly. Do not break this chain. It's your only chance. Then, by the time this list reaches you again it will be next year, when it will be time for another list.

Too-long pants   Pants cropped short
Designer sheets   White sheets
Funky fetes   Elegant affairs
Blue eyeshadow   Brown eyeshadow
Smooth knits   Handknits
Anti-fashion   Classic fashion
Dire Straights   The Talking Heads
Disco   New rock (New wave)
Beige/brown   Black/white
Irving Wallace   Judith Krantz
Board games   Electronic games
Elvis Costello   The B-52s
Film   Video
Grubby   Neat
Canvas Bags   Rip-stop bags
Basketball   Soccer
Racquetball   Squash
Brownish lipstick   Bright pink lipstick
F.F.F.   Hi-tech
Caviar   Truffles
Open shirts   Oxford shirts
Cowl necks   Crew necks
Louis Vuitton   Enny
Lime juice   Grapefruit juice
All orange shades   All purple tones
Tan   Gray
Pendants   Pearls
Croissants   Raisin pumpernickel
Third Avenue   Columbus Avenue
Matching vests   Sweater vests
Velvet dinner jackets   Tuxedos
Bland men's wear   Color in men's wear
Leather gloves   Cashmere gloves
Brocade   Taffeta
T-shirts   Cotton sweaters
Mixed nuts   Silver almonds
Saddle shoes   Dance shoes
450 SEL   Clenet
Jane Pauley   Jessica Savitch
Crock pots   Convection ovens
Snoopy   Paddington
Cowboy boots   Timberland boots
Mules   Dearfoams
Mork   Robin Williams
Frogs   Pigs
Poly pajamas   Ski underwear
Ceramic pins   Metal pins
Baby dolls   Nightshirts
The pill   Diaphragms
Francesco Scavullo   Ansel Adams
Nylon undies   Cotton undies
Waitresses   Gay waiters
Wigged mannequins   Bald mannequins
Living together   Marriage
Jogging   Long-distance walking
Oil furnaces   Wood stoves
Lists   Quality

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