In/Out: 1985

The List: what’s out, what’s in as 1985 dawns

By Nina Hyde
Washington Post Staff Writer


Yes it finally happened: Worrying about Being In or Being Out is out. So you can stop reading right here, can’t you? Except, perhaps, for just a note of explanation.

The new order is precisely that -- orderly. There are no tricks, no hidden meanings. Instead, there is a demand, even an outcry, for the straightforward, the gutsy, the worthy.

Examples of the Spirit of 1985: Hulking four-wheel-drive vehicles have supplanted the station wagon. The chicken has shed its truffles – and should be eaten by six favorite friends at dinner, not 60. Cabbage roses have succeeded ditsy graffiti marks as the subject of prints. (And note that we call it the "Spirit" of 1985, not the "zeitgeist.")

It is the year of the "Dynasty" backlash –- all that glittered must now simply shine, however iridescently.

But beware: Simple and direct are one thing, dull is another. We’ve overdosed on talk shows, earnest films, croissants and wrinkles. And Joe Theismann.

So now you understand. And you don’t have to read the following list. You have better things to do. You could write it yourself. Couldn't you?

Mexican food   Cajun food
Very short hair   Short hair
Square shoulders   Rounded shoulders
Red   Green
Billy Joel   Billy Idol
Vanity   Apollonia
Afro-pop   Gospel
Portable TV's   Portable CD's
Aluminum   Calcium
Bauhaus   Biedermeier
Veal   Venison
Bows   Buttons
Androgynous dressing   Crossover dressing
Labels   Crests
Glitter   Iridescence
Dudley Moore   Eddie Murphy
Truffled chicken   Chicken pot pie
Orange tea   Slim tea
"Get off my back"   "Take a pill"
Talk shows   Game shows
Stripes and dots   Plaids and paisleys
Mirrors   Trompe L'oeil
Seasickness pills   Transdermal patches
Skinny   Svelte
Graffiti   Cabbage Rose Prints
Michael Reagan   Nancy Reagan
Bicolor pumps   Printed pumps
Balloons-by-wire   Send-a-salami
Carl Lewis   Joan Benoit
Counterintuitive   Proactive
Deficit spending   Revenue enhancers
Abstract art   Primitive art
Lame   Brocade
Julienned veggies   Baby veggies
Orange mousse   Terrine of oranges
Public corporations   Private corporations
Patent pumps   Velvet slippers
Sam Shepherd (playwright)   Sam Shepherd (actor)
Western Europe   India
Earnest films   Comic films
World Trade Center   Statue of Liberty
Village Voice   Details
Long lunches   Long weekends
Vitamin C   Vitamin B6
Wisconsin Ave.   Pennsylvania Ave.
Potatoes   Lentils
Bus tours   Walking tours
Real movies on TV   Made for TV movies
Tiffany   Cartier
Linda Ronstadt   Cyndi Lauper
Joe Theismann   Doug Flutie
Private dealers   Auctioneers
Curry   Garam masala
LP records   Compact Discs
Smokey Robinson   Lionel Richie
Decorated food   Plain food
Big black dresses   Big white shirts
Teddy bears   Scottie dogs
Vegetable gardens   Flower gardens
Neons   Pastels
Chopped garlic   Whole garlic
Food photo books   Fashion photo books
Earfuls of earrings   Armful of bangles
Watercress   Radish leaves
Scott Joplin   Cab Calloway
White pasta   Black pasta
Penny stocks   Junk bonds
60 for dinner   Six for dinner
Paid fare   Bonus trips
Jessica Lange   Kathleen Turner
Croissants   Scones
Skepticism   Enthusiasm
Protein   Carbohydrates
Bushy brows   Shapely brows
Henry Ford II   Lee Iacocca
House plants   Topiaries
Duran Duran   Wham
Happy hours   Mocktail parties
Station wagons   Four-wheel drives
Tom Selleck   Michael Nader
Wrap skirts   Sarongs
Boxer shorts   Mini-skirts
Doing it yourself   Service
Co-ops   Condos
Central Park   Battery Park
Jerzy Kosinski   Jay McInerney
Erica Jong   Jane Austen
Librettos   Subtitles
M*A*S*H* reruns   Dr. Who reruns
Nipples   Navels
Rattails   Ponytails
Breakdance   Tapdance
Beethoven   Back
Wrinkles   Starch
Sex   Food
The Gap   The Limited
Culture Club   Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Beautybooks   Business books

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