In/Out: 1993

The List: what’s out, what’s in as 1993 dawns

By Cathy Horyn
Washington Post Staff Writer

So it's 1993 and what do you have to look forward to?

Four years of Bill and Hill, for starters. Ping and Pong. Rhodes scholar and multiple winner of the College Bowl. One can only imagine the tete-a-tetes, the deep pillow discussions, the connubial cramming. How are things in Bosnia, darling? Any thoughts on the deficit, dear?

But you're ready for the Dynamic Duo. After all, there's no hope for Charles and Diana, Woody and Mia, or Jack and what's-her-name. They're finished, washed up in the headlines with Sinead, Euro Disney and Ed Rollins. Remember him? Oh, well.

Things change. You're older. You're smarter. And maybe you don't know a Pitt from a Perry, but at least you don't care.

Incoming ICBMs   Incoming asteroids
Charles   William
Spandex   C-SPAN
Cooking at home   Home cooking in restaurants
Ed Rollins   Paul Begala
Sharon Pratt Kelly   Jack Kent Cooke
Pasta   Potatoes
Phone sex   Phone psychics
Luke Perry   Brad Pitt
Rush Limbaugh   Howard Stern
Cocktail parties   Seminars
Obelisks   Spheres
Baseball   Basketball
Sharon Stone   Sadie Frost
Drew Barrymore   Juliette Lewis
Leno   Letterman
Gays in the military   Gays in the military
Nuclear plants   Norplant
Pauly Shore   Denis Leary
Marky Mark   George Stephanopoulos
Sinead O'Connor   P.J. Harvey
John Kricfalusi   Ren & Stimpy
Reading about Cindy Crawford   Looking at Cindy Crawford
Arnold & Maria   Harry & Linda
Larry McMurtry   Cormac McCarthy
Vanity Fair   The New Yorker
Horseshoes   Ping Pong
Tattoos   Ritualistic shaving
Leggings   Long johns
Woody & Mia   Ted & Whoopi
Baseball caps   Knit caps
Platforms   Clogs
Paula Abdul   RuPaul
Camille Paglia   Donna Shalala
Butch   Grunge
Coffee   Espresso
Superman   Wolverine
Steven Meisel   Corinne Day
Stephen Sprouse   Stephen Sprouse
Single & miserable   Single & happy
Gay bars   Gay guesthouses
Colorado   Hawaii
Golden Girls   Riot Grrrls
Cigarettes   Cigars
Keenen, Damon, Shawn, Kim and Marlon Wayans   Martin Lawrence
Step-training   Stop-training
Prozac   Zoloft
Jim Jarmusch   Gus Van Sant
Pellegrino   Crystal Pepsi
Jack Russell   Mexican hairless
Wine tastings   Tequila tastings
Aromatherapy   Allergies
Public Enemy   Arrested Development
Jockey Club   Price Club
Jean-Louis   Hay-Adams
Going to law school   Waiting Tables
Miata   Mark VIII
Reality   Simulation
Tassel loafers   Penny loafers
Garth Brooks   Jerry Jeff Walker
Pacific   Atlantic
Looking okay in a bathing suit   Not caring how you look in a bathing suit
Looking okay in a bathing suit   Looking great in a bathing suit

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