In/Out: 1995

The List: what’s out, what’s in as 1995 dawns

By Marc Fisher
Washington Post Staff Writer

Don't fret yet. As the millennium approaches, we are reliably informed that a day is still a day. It only seems as if the world is spinning faster and faster. Just this week, Black Rhino bullets were out, in and out again, in one news cycle. Sometimes, things are so in you've never heard of them, which would mean you are out, unless someone is pulling your leg. The future's not as scary as you think. Okay, you still haven't figured out the new phones at work, and they're already five years old. But not everything has changed: Orphanages are back. Bing can't be far behind. The president's still here. (Isn't he?) O.J.'s trial isn't close to starting. And look who've returned: those nice old gentlemen from the Republican Party. And they're taking such impressive shots at the White House. Oh wait, you mean that's live ammunition?

Latte   Joe
Tupac Shakur   Joe Sixpack
The New Republic   The new Republicans
Mario Cuomo   Al D'Amato
Lee press-on nails   Nine Inch Nails
Hillary as Eleanor Roosevelt   Hillary as Mamie Eisenhower
The grassy knoll   Fort Marcy Park
"Baseball"   "Cobb"
"Bitch set me up"   "Get over it"
Kurt Cobain   Kurt Cobain
Naming boys Orenthal   Naming boys Newt
Silk   Chenille
R. James Woolsey   G. Gordon Liddy
Generation X   "The X-Files"
Cilantro   Hoja Santa
Bread   Beinziehen
The United Nations   Jimmy Carter
Sports bars   Pool halls
Anna Quindlen   Dorothy Parker
Dumbing down   Toughening up
Third World   Third wave
Life after death   Death
Tonya Harding   Warren Harding
Madonna   Liz Phair
Lying deceptively   Lying straightforwardly
"Heather Has Two Mommies"   McGuffey Readers
Platforms   Lugger soles
Prague   Johannesburg
Meryl Streep   Jennifer Jason Leigh
Aromatherapy   Shiatsu head massages
E-mail   Phone calls
Family leave   Family values
"Boyz n the Hood"   "Boys Town"
Going to church   Praying
Fred Grandy   Fred Thompson
Jack Kent Cooke   Abe Pollin
The New Yorker   Reader's Digest
PETA   Venison
Chris Webber   Chris Webber
"The Far Side"   "The Family Circus"
"It's the economy, stupid"   "Stupid is as stupid does"
Suspiciously profitable commodites futures deals   Suspicious profitable book contracts
Cheating on spouses   Cheating on taxes
The dole   Dole
Hope   Anger

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