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New: Beach? Blanket? Bingo

If you want to be near the ocean, but don't want to drop thousands of dollars, try pitching a tent for $30 a night along the East Coast.


The aesthetic charm of the Chincoteague are a world away from the boardwalk life.

Ocean City

If you can't find somebody, or something, to love in Ocean City, you have neither romance nor remorse in your soul.

Fenwick Island

The once "affordable" family village of Fenwick Island is developing a split personality.

Bethany Beach

If there is a resort that epitomizes the "shabby chic" style, it would be Bethany.

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth remains the trendy resort, but its essential cool is in danger of being diluted.

live discussion

The Weekend staff talked all things Delmarva.


Photo Gallery

Scenes that will have you motoring east for some coastal relaxation.


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