How Not to Look OldBook

"How Not to Look Old"

by Charla Krupp

Give yourself some bangs, don't dress like your teen-aged daughter and wear pink shiny lipstick. Not bad advice from this beauty and fashion editor.

A Piece of CakeWeb site

The Huffington Post

This go-to spot for political commentary has been serving up tasty tidbits from the campaign trail.

"In Rainbows"

by Radiohead

The latest from the critically worshipped band is now available on CD after its initial release as a pay-what-you-want download. Surprisingly listener-friendly and even -- dare I say it? -- hummable.

"Quelqu'un M'a Dit"

by Carla Bruni

After hearing the buzz that this former supermodel will soon be Mrs. Nicholas Sarkozy, I gave this smooth French pop song from 2003 another listen and found her singing talent a pleasant surprise. But will she do as well as France's first lady?

"The Wire" on HBO

The best show ever aired on television? That's what folks are saying about this police procedural. I can't wait to see (show creator) David Simon's take on my (and his) former newspaper employer, The Baltimore Sun. I bet it won't take long to get ugly!

"Damages" on FX

After downloading the past season on my iPod, I'm left with one question: How great is Glenn Close in this role? O.K., maybe two questions: How great is Glenn Close always?

Jill Hudson Neal explores ways to regain her pre-mom mojo.

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