Spread holiday cheer

Upload photos of your holiday decorations, trees, lights, feasts, festive pets and snow activities for display on

Video: Scene In: The holiday party | Discussion: Hax Philes: Worst gift contest

Holiday Weekend

Movie Marathon

Find the perfect movie to ring in the new year. Get reviews and showtimes on Going Out Guide.



DC Scout

Gift guide

Gifts for the reader

Looking to give a lasting token? Scroll through these gift book ideas.

Gift wrap, buying guides, charitable giving and more in 'Gifts'


Holiday treats

Holiday cookies 2009

Our list of baked gems includes options for all -- from the savory to the crisp, the buttery to the vegan.

Holiday recipes, fancy china and more in 'Entertaining'


Live Q&A

Talk Fashion

Scene In

The holiday party

Our video series peeks in as a lobbying firm celebrates the season in style.

Fashion advice, winter trends and more in 'Fashion'


Going Out Guide

GOG Blog

Holiday movies

Get in the spirit

Looking for a new way to celebrate? Try one of these unconventional holiday films.

Seasonal movies, entertainment and more in 'Activities'

Seasonal Survival


The MisFits


Holiday perils

We offer some helpful tips to help you dodge the hazards of the holiday season.

Holiday sanity, travel, fitness and more in 'Seasonal Survival'

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