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Brian Krebs provides eight tips for safely purchasing your gifts online.

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Many phones tout themselves as "smart" these days, but not all these gadgets exhibit the same I.Q. Let's set a few standards to weed out the unworthy: A smartphone should display a normal Web page, easily synchronize your contacts and calendars, make it simple to add or remove a wide range of add-on programs, serve as a media player, not require a stylus and include a usable miniaturized keyboard That rules out phones based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile. They sync up easily with its Outlook software, but Windows Mobile's new and little-improved 6.5 release suffers from a subpar Web browser, an understocked program catalogue and a cramped interface that often defies fingertip control. Research In Motionís BlackBerry loses out at as well, with an even worse Web browser, a clumsy and slow App World program catalogue and an awkwardly stapled-together set of desktop-sync utilities. (Continue reading » )

Text by Rob Pegoraro; Images from Apple, Motorola and Palm

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