Guess who's coming to Thanksgiving dinner

This year, we turned to classic Thanksgiving recipes and updated them in ways that save time and improve flavor.


Thanksgiving recipes

Food section staffers combed The Washington Post archives (and other Web sites) for treasured seasonal recipes. We present them here, along with new dishes for '09.

Turkey & Gravy

Plan a meal around these recipes for whole birds, turkey breasts and gravies.


This course is a chance to build anticipation for the meal ahead.


Cornbread, dried fruit and chestnuts perk up these recipes.


Salads lighten and brighten the Thanksgiving table.

Mashed potatoes

All you need are gently cooked spuds, butter and cream.

Side Dishes

Thanksgiving staples are beige. Add color to your spread with these veggies.


The fruit brings a sweet-tart taste to the table.


Go out on a delicious note with one of these pies, crisps or cakes.


Keep guests sated before the feast begins.

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