The Race

Brightening a Dim Picture

This year's show reverted to a Depression-era follies attempting to distract a nation bogged down in wallet woes.


The Red Carpet

The Big Fashion Show

Amy Argetsinger reports from the red carpet as the stars, from Taraji P. Henson to Melissa Leo, walk the "Oscar runway."


The Craft

Gold Standard

Why do certain actors move us and others leave us cold? Dissecting the elements in a truly Oscar-worthy performance.


The Race

Buzz-Worthy Oscar Bets

Handicapping the competition in the major categories and naming the nominees who just might win on Oscar night.


The History

The Quick and the Dead

A look at nominees who appeared onscreen briefly, and others who were nominated posthumously.



Oscar Predictions

Post film critic Ann Hornaday and's Jen Chaney discuss who may win at this year's Academy Awards.


Find nominated movie showtimes.



Transcript: The Social Scene

Hank Stuever and Amy Argetsinger shared everything they saw behind the scenes during the Oscars and the after-parties.