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We track the progress of Dino Kraniotis and his fellow gardeners at Glover Park Community Garden through the season.

Goodbye, Glover Park Community Garden

Oct. 30, 2008  |  
In our final episode, we take a look at the compost pile that has accumulated over the growing season and talk with gardeners about their plans for the rest of the fall season before bidding Glover Park Community Garden farewell.

Exploring Cool-Season Veggies

Sept. 21, 2008  |  
In this episode, we discover that the fall garden is just as bountiful as the summer one, and gardener Amy Wong describes the trials, tribulations and delights of her four years in the community garden.

Reveling in the Tomato Harvest

Aug. 21, 2008  |  
In this episode, Dino Kraniotis shares the secret of his killer tomatoes, a recipe for killer Greek Stuffed Tomato that is, and we travel to upstate New York to see the garden of heirloom tomato specialist Amy Goldman.

Pedaling the Local Food Movement

July 24, 2008  |  
In our fourth installment, we meet three young women who took a bike trip from D.C. to Montreal to make a movie about community agriculture efforts. We also check in on Mark's garden and discuss Dino's newfound fame.

Cultivating Savings

June 26, 2008  |  
In the third episode, we explore the changing landscape of Glover Park Community Garden and the promise of reducing food bills by growing your own.

Spring Is in Swing

May 22, 2008  |  
In the second installment, Mark goes on a spree, Todd and Lissie need to replant, Dino does sweet potatoes and Lisa bails.

A Growing Plot

April 17, 2008  |  
In this first installment, meet Lisa Paoletti, a business analyst; Mark Wilkerson, a teacher; and medical residents Todd and Lissie Barbosa.
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