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Furniture with legs looks less heavy than pieces that sit directly on the floor.

A low bookshelf divides the living and sleeping areas but maintains the room's open feel.

A patterned wall makes the room feel larger by creating visual movement.

A floating minibar, built with wine racks and wall shelves, makes a clever focal point.

- Kiera Kushlan, Jessica Centella and James Wall, Designers

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The Homeowner

"I have an efficiency/studio...in the District that I use when I am there on business, and after years of owning the place, it is still just a place to sleep!"

Designer's Critique

Make the most of a small space by choosing furniture that serves several purposes and by pleasing the eye with interesting accents.

- Kiera Kushlan, Jessica Centella and James Wall of Residents:Understood in Arlington, 571-230-5426, www.residentsunderstood.com

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