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To design the room, Alexander worked from photographs, without the benefit of exploring the 12-by-16-foot space.

Her goal was to give the bedroom a more inviting and warm feel, so paint color was key.

Alexander selected Glidden's Sand Dune, which coordinated well with the paler yellow of the adjacent room and wouldn't be washed out by natural sunlight.

Alexander tweaked the room's existing layout only slightly in her design. For the sitting area, she suggested slipcovered Ektorp Jennylund chairs from Ikea and matching reading lights and side tables.

She decided to keep the Harrises' wooden queen-size bed, dressing it up with a paisley duvet set from Pottery Barn. Striped grommet curtains and mirrored nightstands, also from Pottery Barn, emphasize the room's height and give the illusion of more space.

Designer: Wanda A. Alexander

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The Homeowner

"The walls are painted washed-over green, the window treatment looks like the '80s, the chairs are not great ... the room just does not have the 'feel' that you want when you go into your bedroom."

Designer's Critique

New bedding, a fresh coat of paint and current window treatments with accents of white throughout the room will create an inviting and modern environment.

Designer: Wanda A. Alexander of Panache Interiors in Leesburg, 202-302-1136, www.waainteriors.com.

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