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Design Solutions

Divide the room with a built-in partition.

Install crown molding to further define the new spaces and give the room architectural interest.

Paint all walls a soothing blue (Stratton Blue), the ceiling a pale green (Natural Elements) and the molding a lighter shade of the ceiling color (Snow on the Mountain). All from Benjamin Moore.

Hang a shelf on the bedroom side of the partition and add a chair in front for a writing space.

Hang a flat-screen TV on the opposite side of the partition to face the sitting room.

Use a repetitive form to unify the furniture in the bedroom. The curvy lines of the existing headboard are repeated in the brackets of the new shelf, the wall art above and the benches at the end of the bed.

Bring in a few mirrored pieces to add sparkle and reflect the light

Accentuate the asymmetrical placement of the window in the bedroom by using a single, stationary side curtain panel stacked to the right of the window. To control light and privacy, have Roman shades made for all windows using the fabric from the same curtain panels.

Use the recently purchased furniture in the sitting room.

- Rebecca Hubler and Rachel Brough, Designers

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The Challenge

First-time homeowners Jason and Michelle Wojewodzic of Bristow would like their master bedroom to be a retreat, but the 35-by-40-foot space is too large and under-furnished to feel comfortable. They recently bought some furniture but don't know where to go from there.

The Solution

By visually dividing the room to create two separate spaces, designers Rebecca Hubler and Rachel Brough give the couple two cozy retreats to relax in at the end of the day.

- Rebecca Hubler and Rachel Brough of Designed Interiors are based in Annandale (703-642-1687, www.designedinteriorsva.com)

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