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Design Solutions

1. Make a comfortable conversation area, anchored by an existing rug, the focal point of the room.

2. Reupholster the existing sofa in a durable fabric and add seating and an ottoman, which can double as a coffee table.

3. Encourage organization with a desk, storage unit and baskets. These hide toys, papers and electronics.

4. Add a durable play table and chairs so the kids will have a central activity center.

5. Install crown molding to finish the room.

- Iantha Carley, Designer
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The Homeowner

"We'd like to create a welcoming, attractive space for visitors that is kid-friendly and has flexible storage for toys and files."

Designer's Critique

"Give the homeowners back some adult space so they can live cohesively with their children."

- Iantha Carley of Iantha Carley Interiors in Silver Spring, 202-285-2374

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