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This summer, Washington Post photographer Ricky Carioti was making the rounds with Julie Stinar in Sharpsburg, Md., for a story about women farmers. When Carioti stepped into Stinar's pigpen, it was hardly new territory -- some of his relatives in Italy are farmers. Only one of the pigs paid him any attention. That one kept approaching, and with the hope of capturing a more intimate portrait, Carioti hunched over and lowered his camera to his knee to be at eye level with the pig, which meant he was unable to see the image through his viewfinder. The pig was undaunted by the camera. And only after it walked away did Carioti get to see what his digital shots had captured. "To me, it looked like a painting," he said. He had fired off 25 frames in a matter of seconds, "but this is the one that was the keeper."   - David Rowell

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