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The Virtual Hunt

Welcome to the 2008 Virtual Post Hunt, a brainteasing game that offers a taste of the wacky, weird fun you'll have playing the 2008 Post Hunt in Washington, D.C., on May 18. These practice puzzles were created by Post Hunt founders Dave Barry, Tom Shroder and Gene Weingarten for previous Hunts sponsored by The Miami Herald -- attempting to solve them is the best possible preparation for the real thing. | Find Out More About the 2008 Post Hunt, Held May 18, 2008

How To Play

Solve three video puzzles to obtain three clues. Use those clues, along with our fourth and final clue, to solve the endgame.
  • 1. The answer to each puzzle is a number. Watch each video puzzle and figure out which number it indicates. If you're stumped, try taking a peek at the accompanying hint.
  • 2. Under each video you'll find five numbers that are possible answers to that puzzle. If the answer you've come up with doesn't match any of the numbers on the list, your answer is wrong, so try again. Each number is accompanied by a clue. As you solve each video puzzle, make note of the clue written next to the correct answer -- you'll need it to solve the endgame. (Keep in mind that the clues next to each number don't have bearing on the video puzzles. They'll probably seem like gibberish at first, but they're the pieces you'll need to use in the next round.)
  • 3. Once you've solved the three video puzzles and obtained your three clues, use them to solve the endgame.

Puzzle 1

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Video by Alexandra Garcia / washingtonpost.com
Possible Answers
  • 2876. Sometimes you need a calle to open the puerto.
  • 4910. You run into an un-climbable mountain, then climb it. You encounter an un-swimmable ocean, then swim it.
  • 8021. It's not Morse code: It's horse code.
  • 16555. When you see the man in blue, make the sound of a happy moo. All rivers run to the sea, see?
  • 21296. But still, she leads you towards a large man, and, while holding your groin, you ask him, "What's the score, big boy?" You say, "Can a certified actuary dance the mambo?" and she replies, "Nonsense."

Puzzle 2

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Actor: David Winkler; Video by Alexandra Garcia/washingtonpost.com
Possible Answers
  • 413. Its never going to be right until it gets its apostrophes where theys belong, 'ceptin' where they dont.
  • 573.First you see a red structure, above which you see the words "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME," which you ignore.
  • 1025. We have tee for two. What do we have for 476?
  • 1382. When you see a straw-hatted stranger say: "How do you do? I'm Foo, and this is Pooh." Return the unused cake to the bakery, then swing low sweet chariot. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!
  • 1504. You come to a ford in the river, which leads to a fjord. You are naturally confused, but you keep going, until the goose is cooked.

Puzzle 3

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Video by Alexandra Garcia/washingtonpost.com [Note: There is no sound with this video.]
Possible Answers
  • 3. You knock three times, and this woman who has unusual teeth tells you she wants the seven magic words. You await his answer, but instead you are given a conch. You study its surface, but all you see is the cryptic inscription: "Goobers seven, Spigots fourteen, Righteous Watermelons forty."
  • 23. If it walks like a duck and cracks like a nut it's a .... What?
  • 32. Living is easy with eyes closed, mitts understanding all you see.
  • 45. It's not the words you're after, it's the words thereafter.
  • 61. Hey, maybe it's in Latin. As in, Lat the cat in.
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The Real Thing: Now that you've played our practice game, find out what the real thing was like. Thousands flocked to D.C.'s Penn Quarter neighborhood on May 18, 2008 to play. See video explanations of each of the puzzles, share your photos, post your comments and more. Click Here For More »
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Created and Edited by Amy Kovac, Amanda McGrath and Tom Shroder. Puzzles by Dave Barry, Tom Shroder and Gene Weingarten. Video by Alexandra Garcia.

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