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The Virtual Hunt

Practice Endgame

Congratulations, you've solved three puzzles (or peeked at the solutions) and obtained your three clues. Forgot to jot them down? They are:
  • 3. You knock three times, and this woman who has unusual teeth tells you she wants the seven magic words. You await his answer, but instead you are given a conch. You study its surface, but all you see is the cryptic inscription: "Goobers seven, Spigots fourteen, Righteous Watermelons forty."
  • 573. First you see a red structure, above which you see the words "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME," which you ignore.
  • 21296. But still, she leads you towards a large man, and, while holding your groin, you ask him, "What's the score, big boy?" You say, "Can a certified actuary dance the mambo?" and she replies, "Nonsense."
And now, here's the fourth and final clue:
  • (Certain things have meaning, even words.)

THE ENDGAME: Your four clues all point to a final number. What is it?

Note: We design the endgame to be really, REALLY, tough. The answer to the Virtual Hunt's endgame is a number, although the answer to the endgame on the day of the actual Post Hunt could be anything. If you're stumped, try peeking at the first hint, then at the second. If you give up, click on the "solution" link to see the final answer.
« The Real Thing: Now that you've played our practice game, find out what the real thing was like. Thousands flocked to D.C.'s Penn Quarter neighborhood on May 18, 2008 to play. See video explanations of each of the puzzles, share your photos, post your comments and more. Click Here For More

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Created and Edited by Amy Kovac, Amanda McGrath and Tom Shroder. Puzzles by Dave Barry, Tom Shroder and Gene Weingarten.

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