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More Christmas Stories: The Sequel
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Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007

Last year, I made this list of unconventional Christmas movies. I checked it twice. And readers responded in ways both nice and, well, a little bit naughty.

"Great list. But how could you forget [insert name of unforgivably omitted movie here]?"

"Only an idiot would not have included [fill in title of yet another crucial film here]."

So, because no pop-culture list is ever complete, here is my 2007 holiday gift to you: A collection of 10 more flicks, all available on DVD, that provide an alternative to the typical "It's a Wonderful Life"-"A Christmas Story"-"Miracle on 34th Street" trifecta. Every one of these choices fits in tonally with the holiday season and includes, at the least, one crucial scene set at Christmas time. And yes, I know there are many, many others that I have not included. But a DVD reviewer has to save something for everyone's stockings next year, doesn't she?

Also Available This Week

Finally -- Spider-pig is on DVD! "The Simpsons Movie" debuts today. For more options, check out this full list of today's DVD debuts.

Coming Next Week

Catch Viggo Mortensen's Golden Globe-nominated performance in "Eastern Promises," which arrives Dec. 26. For a full calendar of what's coming to DVD in the weeks ahead, click here.

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