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What Is Feminist Art?

Post critic Blake Gopnik argues that feminism is the most important artistic movement since World War II. Feminism, he writes, made the message matter as much as the medium.

Feminism & Art

A Place of Honor, or of Confinement?

The National Museum of Women in the Arts gives neglected artists their due and, one hopes, other venues a prod.
  • Facts & Figures: A brief history of the Women's Museum, on its 20th anniversary.

Her Table Is Ready

A progressive young feminist tours the "The Dinner Party" with its iconic creator, artist Judy Chicago.

Lisa Yuskavage and the Art of Controversy

Can a painting be feminist and sexist at the same time? The Post asked two experts to talk about the work of this provocative international art star with writer Cathryn Keller.

Yoko Ono's Enduring Feminist Message

Yoko Ono matters as much today as ever. Read passages from her 1971 manifesto "The Feminization of Society" and you could think she was talking about 2007.

A Feminist Art Tour of Washington

The Post asked art historians Norma Broude and Mary D. Garrard to cite some of their feminist favorites on view in Washington.
Museums & Galleries: More on the local art scene.

Graphic: Guerrilla Girls Raid A Male Stronghold

» Graphic: Guerrilla Girls Raid A Male Stronghold
The Guerrilla Girls, a group of artists who use splashy design to offer their opinions on gender and racial discrimination in the art world, gave us their take on museums in Washington.
» Live Discussion: The Guerrilla Girls were online Monday, April 23.


Podcast: Tour the Women's Museum
Judy L. Larson, director of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, leads a podcast tour of her museum.
Gallery: Chicago on 'The Dinner Party'
Feminist artist Judy Chicago narrates an audio slideshow about her seminal piece, now housed at the Brooklyn Museum.
Gallery: A History of Female Artists
Scroll through works from the Women's Museum's permanent collection.

What's Going On

A Plethora of Options
Exhibitions, books, plays: feminism and art are coming together in all media.

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