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The Brick and Pixel Future

Is there a future for old-fashioned museums? The Post's Joel Garreau investigates.

Dispatches From the Galleries

Art Museum Expansion: A Constructive Trend?

Post critic Blake Gopnik and four art-world visionaries examine the perils of ill-considered expansion.

eBay and the Artifact Trade

In the age of online auctions, the National Museum of American History must compete for showbiz treasures.

Museum Math: Their Number Is Multiplying

Since 2000, Washington-area museums have uncorked $1 billion for erecting new buildings and refurbishing old ones.

A New Home for Looted Treaures

From the ground up, a new Greek museum is designed to emphasize the Greek claim that the "Elgin marbles" should be returned to Athens.

Four Dream Shows That Break the Mold

The Post asked four respected Washington curators about the exhibits they've dreamed of doing but have never been able to stage.

1967: The Year the Pieces Came Together

Paul Richard looks back at 1967, a year when disparate forces awoke Washington museums.

Indian Museum's Cafeteria: Tray Chic

The National Museum of the American Indian's Mitsitam Cafe is still a cafeteria, but the food is as enlightening as any of the exhibitions.


Entertainment, Smithsonian Style
Curator Dwight Blocker Bowers narrates an audio slideshow featuring several items from the Smithsonian's entertainment collection.
The Newseum in Second Life
As the Newseum puts the finishing touches on its new building in downtown Washington, a second version of the museum of news is being developed for the online society Second Life.


Discussion Transcript: Blake Gopnik
Blake Gopnik, art critic for The Washington Post, was online Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 2 p.m. ET, to take questions about expansion projects in art museums.


Fall Schedule
This calendar details some of the top art-museum shows appearing this fall, in Washington and beyond.

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