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This spring, Ralph Lauren opened RRL in Georgetown, bringing the nabe's number of Lauren-branded boutiques to three. Ralph Lauren, Rugby, RRL (pronounced "double R-L" by those in the know): They're all unequivocally American, decidedly blue blood. They're also all on a small stretch of Wisconsin Avenue NW — so here's a cheat sheet to help you tell them apart.
— Cory Ohlendorf

STORE Ralph Laruen
1245 Wisconsin Ave. NW
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1065 Wisconsin Ave. NW
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1069 Wisconsin Ave. NW
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BRAND'S BACK STORY An industrious Lauren started off selling ties in 1967. Forty years and a zillion preppy polos later, this shop is one of 292 Ralph Lauren stores around the world. Created in 2004 with the aim of capturing the hearts and wallets of the college crowd, the store feels like an Ivy League haunt, complete with a secret-society-like skull-and-crossbones logo. Reminiscent of the designer's rustic Ridgway, Colo., spread, RRL, below right, offers high-end denim, leather and vintage-inspired pieces for guys who want to dabble in dude-ranch style without getting their hands dirty.
The Polo Pony Shirt writ large ($90): Available in nine colors, it's just the thing for proud-to-be prepsters, longtime Lauren lovers and the slightly myopic.

A Brass-Buttoned Women's Blazer ($248) could lend prep-school polish to the most basic T-shirt and jeans.

A weathered Leather Belt ($165) would pair perfectly with the store's $595 crystal-studded jeans. (Yes, you read that price right.)
OTHER FINDS Silver candlesticks, glazed ceramic garden pots and cashmere throws. Vintage and new patches retail for $10 to $40 — and you can get them sewn onto any of 59 styles of rugby shirts for free. Antique marine clocks, wire-frame eyeglasses, ID bracelets and turquoise Navajo pins.
DRESSING ROOMS One main space opens onto three small rooms furnished with leather chairs and chrome sconces. Nice enough, but perhaps a tad plain for someone trying on a $1,900 Black Label blazer. They're like tiny but groovy dorm rooms from the 1960s, complete with crushed velvet curtains and Woodstock posters. You pass under a sun-bleached bull's skull into John Wayne's powder room, complete with Native American photos and an antique hatrack.
STORE WINDOWS On a recent visit, they were designed to look like an artist's studio, complete with a Jackson Pollock-esque splattered canvas. Three mannequins in rock-climbing gear hang upside down, as if attempting to break into — or out of? — the store. What does this have to do with rugby shirts, prep school or anything else? We don't know either. Two male mannequins dressed like ranch hands sit pretty next to a leather-stamping machine and canvas feed sacks.

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