The Career of Arthur Miller

A look at the significant works by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, who died Feb. 10 at the age of 89.

Arthur Miller
'All My Sons' - 1947
"All My Sons" was Arthur Miller's first major drama. It debuted in 1947 at Broadway's Coronet Theatre in a production featuring Karl Malden (pictured center).  (Eileen Darby - Getty Images/Time Life Pictures)
Arthur Miller
'Death of A Salesman' - 1949
Miller's most famous work is "Death of a Salesman," which was first staged in a 1949 production starring Lee J. Cobb (pictured) as seminal working stiff Willy Loman. Other distinguished actors would later play the role, including George C. Scott, Dustin Hoffman and Brian Dennehy  (W. Eugene Smith - Getty Images/Time Life Pictures)
Arthur Miller
'The Crucible' - 1953
"The Crucible" is another of Miller's timeless classics. The drama about the Salem witch trials was first staged in 1953, as shown here. It has been revived numerous times, including a 2002 Broadway production starring Laura Linney and Liam Neeson.  (Fred Fehl - AP)
Arthur Miller
'A View From the Bridge' - 1955
"A View From the Bridge," a tale about a longshoreman who takes in a pair of illegal aliens, premiered in 1955 (shown here) as a one-act play. After a lukewarm critical reception, Miller expanded the play into two acts.  (Charles Hewitt - Getty Images)
Arthur Miller
'The Misfits' - 1960
Apart from his theatrical works, Miller may be best known for marrying Marilyn Monroe, shown here on the set of "The Misfits." Miller wrote the screenplay for the film with his bombshell wife in mind. After Monroe's death, Miller later wed photographer Inge Morath.  (Ernst Haas - Getty Images)
Arthur Miller
'After the Fall' - 1964
Though his greatest achievements came during the post-World War II period, Miller remained a prolific writer throughout his life. "After the Fall," his thinly disguised drama based on his marriage to Marilyn Monroe, made its debut in 1964. (File Photo - Getty Images/Time Life Pictures)
Arthur Miller
'The Ride Down Mt. Morgan' - 1996
One of his last plays, "The Ride Down Mt. Morgan," originally premiered in London. Here Miller -- along with Christopher Reeve and wife Dana -- celebrate its staging in Williamstown, Mass.  (Alan Solomon - AP)
Arthur Miller
'After the Fall' - 2004
Peter Krause starred in the revival of Miller's "After the Fall" on Broadway in 2004. Despite Miller's death, revivals of the renowned playwright's work will continue; a new take on "Death of a Salesman" is slated to open this May in London.
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