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Getting Warmer...
Climate change is transforming many of the world's most striking tourist destinations. If you want to see them, better go soon.
Gallery: 10 Endangered Sites
Canadian polar bears, the Tower of London, the Outer Banks: Global warming is affecting them all. We zero in on 10 danger zones.
Yes, the Water's Warm ... Too Warm
When people think of habitats collapsing from rising global temperatures, they tend to think of frigid climes. Think again.
Video: Touring Greenland's Icy Waters
Scenes from a boat ride past icebergs broken from the Ilulissat Icefjord in the waters surrounding the town of Ilulissat, Greenland.
An Island That's Living Up to Its Name
In Greenland, travelers come to see the beginning of the end for icebergs, hastened on the journey from ice to water by global warming.
Video: Viking Ruins
The Viking ruins scattered over southern Greenland embrace both religion and mystery.
Q&A Transcript
Talk travel and go further in-depth on the issues facing trip destinations worldwide with "The Flight Crew."
Find friends eco-tourism and the Earth.
Practice ways to lighten your footprint.
Special Report: Green Travel
With lodgings the world over suddenly proclaiming themselves as eco-friendly, determining what makes an authentic green hotel can be difficult.
Special Report: In the Greenhouse
Explore the impact of global warming and possible strategies for dealing with it.

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