New York 2008 Travel A Day in New York

"Gotta see the whole town, from Yonkers on down to the bay, in just one day."

So sing the sailors in "On the Town," Leonard Bernstein's 1944 musical fable about the exploits of three men with just 24 hours of shore leave in that helluva town where the Bronx is up and the Battery's down.

"The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round."

So sang five members of the Travel section, who had shamelessly cribbed Bernstein's plotline for our annual New York issue, adding only a budget-minded twist to the proceedings. To wit, we caught the 7:30 a.m. Bolt Bus from the District (some of us paying as little as $1.50 for the privilege), a four-hour journey that allowed us plenty of time to plan our 24 hours in Manhattan. The gastronomically curious Nosher pored over restaurant reviews, while the museum- and theatah-loving Culture Hound dog-eared the pages of the latest New Yorker. The Adventurer limbered up for her Central Park bike tour, Family Guy pondered kid-friendly attractions and the Tourist Trapper dreamed of the Empire State Building.

When the Bolt dropped us at West 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue, each of us, mindful that we had only a single day, fled in a different direction. It was 11:54 a.m. To see how we filled the next 24 hours, scroll down.

The Adventurer

My Own Marathon: Going, Going . . .

By Andrea Sachs  |  
Some of the locations visited: Central Park, Fort Tryon, Chelsea Piers.
The Nosher

It's Not Uzbekistan, but It's Tasty.

By Christina Talcott  |  
Some of the locations visited: The West Village, Essex Street Market, Lucky King Bakery.
The Tourist Trapper

Quack if You Love Manhattan

By John Deiner  |  
Some of the locations visited: Macy's, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Tavern on the Green.
The Culture Hound

The City in the Spotlight

By K.C. Summers  |  
Some of the locations visited: Rubin Museum of Art, Pippin Home, Richard Rogers Theatre.
The Family Guy

It's One Big Playground

By Scott Vogel  |  
Some of the locations visited: Kidfresh, Mars 2112, Dylan's Candy Bar.

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